By John Ferrone and Amanda Binder


Apartheid is the segregation between two separate groups. In this case, it's segregation between African Americans and the white people in Africa during the early 1900s all the way until 1994.


There were a large number of people who fought for the cessation of apartheid. These people include Nelson Mandela who was the leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, and Peter Botha, the prime minister of South Africa from 1978-1984 and became president from 1984-1989 during the violent years of the ending of the apartheid. During this time, there were less rights given to the African Americans and many were treated unfairly. They were being imprisoned and put in detention for all the wrong reasons or no reason at all.


There were many social Problems that affected and plagued south Africa during the apartheid. During the Boea War from (1899-1902) The British empire and the dutch fought for the land that was there former colonies. However these lands were truly owned by many tribes in south Africa at the time. Later when the apartheid twas taken into affect, blacks were not allowed to get the same education as whites, along with segregation in public places and medical places such as hospitals or clinics.