Weekly Update for LCMS Staff

By Tami Gunset


I want to THANK YOU for a smooth week back to begin a NEW year. I truly appreciate your hard work and your dedication to our students. I hope that you enjoyed your jeans week last week, as we had lots of snow/wet around our campus. I hope that you were able to stay warm this weekend as it was pretty cold. I am looking forward to this week and the warmer temperatures.

We have a busy week with Science Fair as we have 165 or so competing. I am looking forward to seeing the students hard work pay off as we will have 21 students advance. If you have the opportunity to come out and see the projects you may do so Friday, January 15 from 5pm-6:30pm.

Lesson Plans - these should of been completed by Thursday, if you have not completed those you need to have them completed by 4pm on Monday. If you are having trouble or you feel the Forethought lesson planning is too much, please know if you have these written out you can upload them into Forethought. Please let me know if you have any questions.

T-TESS Observations will begin this week. If you are on the T-TESS rotation for this year, I am needing you to plan on setting up a date with either Mr. Saffel or myself and get this date scheduled this week. Please take care of this as soon as possible.

Department Meetings in Meeting Room @ 4pm

Thursday, January 14 - Math

Monday, January 18 - Social Studies

Tuesday, January 19 - ELA

Wednesday, January 20 - Science

Thursday, January 21 - SPED/ESL

* Due to no scheduled Staff Meeting we will department meetings. Please plan accordingly to attend the department meeting. I will need you to follow the instructions (link below) and print out your Quintile Reports for your 3rd Six Weeks Unit Assessments. As a department we will look at SE's and the quintile reports. These reports will be very handy and helpful as you develop your small groups for instruction and re-teach opportunities.

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LCISD District Wide Science Fair

Thursday, January 14

  • 3:45pm-6:00pm - Students set-up boards in the LC Fieldhouse

Friday, January 15

  • 8:00am-5:00pm - Judging
  • 5:00pm-6:30pm - Open House, viewing of Science Fair Projects

** I will not allow any outside Professional Development on these two days due to a large number of staff already being out. Thanks!

2016-2017 Schedule Request for 8th graders (Freshman Schedule for LCHS)

8th graders will go to the PAC on Monday, January 25 at 9am to meet with the high school counselor about their high school schedule request. At this time the counselors will cover the course and how to go online and request classes. They will receive materials at this time to begin requesting courses for their freshman year.

That evening, January 25, they will hold a parent informational meeting about requesting courses and the different tracks pretaining to House Bill 5. I would highly encourage each parent to attend as they will cover questions you will have about your child's freshman schedule.

Schedule request will need to be entered in to Career Cruising by January 29. This is something that you and your child should complete at home once you have received all the information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, March 29
  • 8th grade Mathematics
  • 7th grade Writing

Wednesday, March 30

  • 8th grade Reading

Week of May 2-6

  • 8th grade Algebra EOC Assessment Window

Monday, May 9

  • 6th grade Mathematics
  • 7th grade Mathematics
  • 8th grade Mathematics ~ Second Administration (those that did not pass in March)

Tuesday, May 10

  • 6th grade Reading
  • 7th grade Reading
  • 8th grade Reading ~ Second Administration (those that did not pass in March)

Wednesday, May 11

  • 8th grade Science

Thursday, May 12

  • 8th grade Social Studies

Friday, May 13


Next Two Weeks Calendar Events

  • Monday, January 11 - Girls Basketball vs Mackenzie @ LCHS (6pm/7pm)
  • Monday, January 11 - Boys Basketball @ Mackenzie (5:30pm/6:30pm)
  • Monday, January 11 - 8th grade student Staffing in Conference Room (4pm)
  • Wednesday, January 13 - Happy Birthday Nate Jimenez
  • Wednesday, January 13 - Baby Shower for Crawford and Jones in Library (4pm)
  • Wednesday, January 13 - TTU Community Engagement Program (4pm-5pm)
  • Wednesday, January 13 - ARD Meetings
  • Wednesday, January 13 - T-TESS teacher training - PM Only
  • Thursday, January 14 - Science Fair set-up @ LC Fieldhouse (3:45pm-6pm)
  • Friday, January 15 - District Wide Local Science Fair @ LC Fieldhouse - All Day
  • Friday, January 15 - District Wide Science Fair Open House@ LC Fieldhouse (5pm-6:30pm)
  • Monday, January 18 - Happy Birthday Gary Simmons
  • Monday, January 18 - Teacher Massage (11am-1pm)
  • Wednesday, January 20 - ARD Meeting - AM Only
  • Thursday, January 20 - Technology PD during Conference periods with Mr. Holley
  • Thursday, January 21 - Girls Basketball vs LBMS @ LBMS (5:30pm/6:30pm)
  • Thursday, January 21 - Boys Basketball vs LBMS @ LCHS (6:00pm/7:00pm)
  • Monday, January 25 - 8th grade to PAC for HS Schedule Request (9:00am)
  • Monday, Janaury 25 - 8th grade Parent Meeting for HS Scheduling @ PAC (TBA)
  • Monday, January 25 - Girls Basketball vs Evans @ Evans (5:30pm/6:30pm)
  • Monday, January 25 - Boys Basketball vs Evans @ LCHS (6:00pm/7:00pm)
  • Tuesday, January 26 - 6th/7th grade Math C3 - no outside PD will be approved
  • Wednesday, January 27 - 8th grade Math C3 - All Day
  • Thursday, January 28 - School Board Meeting @ North Elementary (7:00pm)
  • Friday, Janaury 28 - Hat, iPod and Holey Jean Day ($1 for each item)
  • Friday, January 29 - 8th grade Schedule Request DUE online

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