Drug Awareness


Illegal Drugs

Many drugs are illegal, but many of them are still used. Examples illegal drugs are Marijuana or Heroin. They are very dangerous and if over used deadly. It is surprising that people get illegal drugs from one country to another, but safety. Precaution have been raised by a lot, like when we fly somewhere, the airport is filled with them.

Legal Drugs

Some drugs can be prescribed or bought over the counter, those particular drugs are safe as long as you take the recommended dosage. A way of abusing prescribed drugs is if another person takes a drug prescribed to a person other than them.


It`s scary how easily someone could get addicted to a drug. The special chemical in drugs have results of addiction. Your body wants the drug more and more and you forget that its really bad. Soon you won't be able to stop your self from taking the drug, your body control will start to fade, mentioning your mind too. Bad, not good and horrible are many characteristics that portray drug addiction.

Did You Know?

Even cough syrup that are normally prescribed or over the counter could act as a mind altering drug. Over dosing a safe cough syrup could dangerously harm you as there are many chemicals which are only assumed to be taken in very small quantities. Cough syrup is an easily approached drug.


Starting drugs are a big decision but many of them are taken carelessly. Depression, problems and even peer pressure could push someone to start to take drugs. Financial dilemmas could enforce using drugs to supposedly relaxing or to calm down. Teenagers reach and age where they try to fit in to groups of "cool kids" and that could mean they take drugs to be in that group or to show that they are "cool" too.
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