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Holy Spirit Parish at Geist

About MOMS

The Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS) is a ministry for mothers at Holy Spirit to share their faith stories, experiences and traditions with other moms. Our Vision is to be a faith-filled ministry supporting and serving one another and our community with love, friendship, compassion, and laughter on our journey of motherhood.

A note from your facilitators:

We can't believe the 2016-17 year is coming to a close.

We thank all of you who joined our ministry this year. You have rejoiced together, grieved together, prayed together and carried each other through many seasons. We are grateful for you. We also thank our entire 2016-17 leadership team: Erin, Michelle, Chrissy, Dawn, Shannon and Ashley for the hard work that they put in to sustain and grow our ministry this year. We have been truly blessed.

We look forward to refreshing and renewing ourselves during the summer months, and we pray that you have sacred moments this summer where you will feel God's nearness to you: in the picnics and sunsets and fireflies, in sunny days in the pool and long evenings on the patio. And as you shuttle your kids to activities, apply sunscreen, make sandwiches, pack for vacations, wipe noses, change diapers and wash floors. . .know that God is watching you with so much love in His heart. We may be hard on ourselves, but God is too busy loving us to be anything but proud. You work hard for your family every day, and God sees you and knows how much you do to build His kingdom right there in your four walls. Carry on, mamas! God loves you and so do we. We'll see you this summer!


Sarah and Jen

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MOMS Summer Kickoff- Pentecost Pizza Party

Sunday, June 4th, 6pm

10350 Glaser Way

Fishers, IN

Bring your families and join us for fun and fellowship after the 5:00 pm mass on Sunday, June 4! It's Pentecost Sunday, so let's celebrate the birthday of the church together! MOMS will provide the pizza and dessert, you just bring your beverages, a cup of cut up fruit to add to our big "Fruits of the Spirit" salad and of course, the fun! We look forward to gathering the families together! We'll meet in the social hall and also have activities set up outdoors. We could use your help with bringing some fun activities, so click here for sign ups!! If you didn't receive the evite, please reach out to our membership chair, Chrissy, and she can make sure that you are on our email list! When you RSVP via evite, let us know how many slices of Pepperoni and/or Cheese pizza your family will need so we can pre-order. Can't wait to see you all there!
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Prayers for Blake!

We have another prayer chain going for the Everson family, because WE BELIEVE in the power of prayer! We'll pray over Blake's radiation every day until it is complete!

The approximate time of his radiation is 10 am CT M-F until June 19, with a MRI every Monday at 4pm. Blake is such an awesome patient that the treatment time is just about 30 minutes long. The radiation itself only lasts 1-2 minutes of that time. You can offer your prayers for Blake on the day you sign up for in a way that works best for you! There are as many ways to pray as there are people so your prayers will be a unique and precious offering to God for Blake and his family. Sign up for as many slots as you would like to take, and as many people can sign up on a day as would like to pray.

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Summer playdates on the HSG playground

Summer playdates are back for the third year! Plan on joining us with the kiddos at the HSG playground on Thursday mornings whenever you can! Bring your gear and stay as long as you like, you can even pack a lunch and stay to eat under the pavilion. Bikes, scooters, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, hot wheels, footballs, kickball. . .bring whatever you want to play with and we'll all have a great time. Also, please feel free to invite your friends and neighbors to join us. If you have a friend who wants to know more about our ministry or our parish, this is a great time to bring her along!

We'll meet every Thursday morning starting at 10 am. We also have permission this year to use the HSG gym in the event of rain or extreme heat. We are in need of mamas to take turns being the hostess/co-hostess every week, so check out the sign up on volunteer spot and please sign up for a week that you can help!

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Social Night- Mom's Night Out

Thursday, June 8th, 7pm

9165 Otis Avenue

Indianapolis, IN

Let Kristin Hussey know if you can make it via her evite, and reach out if you didn't receive it and she'll be sure to get you the info!!

Summer Book Club with Molly

If you would like to gather for a fun evening with girlfriends discussing a great book, Molly is bringing back book club for summer 2017! If you did not receive the evite or would like more information, let Molly know. The first book discussion is June 15, with other book club meetings July 6 and August 3. Location TBA.

Summer Craft Night- Rosaries!

Thursday, July 27th, 7pm

10350 Glaser Way

Fishers, IN

Mara is going to teach us how to make rosaries! We will provide all of the supplies to make your own. We will have designs for both beginner and expert crafty ladies! Depending on our budget we might need a small contribution from everyone participating, but we'll keep the cost as low as possible. More details and evite to follow so we can get a head count and order materials. We look forward to seeing you there!

Meals on Wheels

Would you like to be a part of our Meals On Wheels ministry? You can
even take your kids along. It's an easy, rewarding, charitable way to
help out our community. Kelly A. coordinates our monthly
volunteer commitment and would be happy to train anyone who missed our
initial training with Meals on Wheels. We need helpers for the summer months, so reach out to Kelly and let her know if you can deliver!
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Parish Picnic

Saturday, Aug. 12th, 5:30pm

10350 Glaser Way

Fishers, IN

Join your fellow MOMS for the parish picnic! We'll gather under and around our large tent over by the entrance to the classroom side of the PLC. See you there!
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Soul Core

Upcoming free classes will be happening in the PLC Room 58. If you haven't tried SoulCore yet, check out the website to find out more, it is totally worth waking up early on a Saturday for!! If you have questions contact Betsy G. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Dates are as follows:

All times are Saturday 7 a.m. in PLC #58

May 20, 27

June 10, 24

July 8, 29

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Back to School Mass

Wednesday, Aug. 9th, 12pm

10350 Glaser Way

Fishers, IN

We've requested the mass intention for this day to be for all children and teachers returning to school. Please join us for mass if you are able!

SAVE THE DATE- 2017-18 Year All MOMS Kickoff

Sunday, Aug. 27th, 2pm

10350 Glaser Way

Fishers, IN

We'll kick off our new MOMS year with an all MOMS meeting. Kathy will join us and welcome us on behalf of the parish and we'll get our new year off to a great start. Thursday meetings for the 2017-18 year will officially begin September 7!
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