Hello SuperStyleSquad

September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

I know it is a holiday for most people but in this business we work it everyday. Take the time today to remind people of our Labor Day promo. Use this cute graphic in a text to your VIP customers! A free gift with purchase can help them get 2 extra pairs of earrings by choosing a stud duo! Some customers might not normally spend $100 but knowing they get free shipping and a gift with purchase can be a difference maker. REACH OUT TODAY!!
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Back to Basics


In Person POP UPS

These ladies are your bread and butter of your business. Think about it...would you rather buying something from an unknown retailer sight unseen and run the risk of not loving what you purchase or taking the time to see the products first hand and trying on your favorites while sipping a glass of wine with friends? I know what I would choose. Popping up in person is the best way to increase your network, increase your sales and book future pop ups. Check out these awesome ways you can pop up!!
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Do you have a Plus 1?

C + I by invitation is a personal invite from you to bring someone into this amazing community. This is not recruiting! This is having a collaborative business partner to work with as you both build your own businesses. There are no requirements to invite someone but you have an opportunity to share what this business means to you. How many times have your chatted with someone about your business and thought to yourself that they would be amazing at this only to find a few months later that they have started selling some other product. Don't be afraid to ask them to become a merchie! You never know what is going on in anothers life and you might be surprised!
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