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The Upside of Flip Classrooms at the Secondary Level

Have you ever considered changing how you deliver instruction and work with students during the day? The Flipped Classroom is an instructional strategy in which a teacher "flips" their day, providing delivery of the "lecture" or instructional portion of the class to the students in a recorded format which is viewed or listened to by the student outside of class time, and then facilitating student learning as they work independently or in small groups during class on project work, reinforcing concepts, and responding to questions. If you have ever wondered how you might have more time to differentiate instruction and work directly with your students and participate in their discussions, interactivity, and inquiry, the flipped classroom model might be for you.

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That’s My APP - Mobile App Building

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to engage students of all ages? Look no further than Mobile App Publishing. In just a few easy steps students can create a Mobile App showcasing their creative skills. In this workshop you will create your very own Mobile App and walkout with the skills to have students creating Mobile Apps in no time. Mobile Apps can allow students the opportunity to share with a global audience their mastery of academic content.

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iPad Management

iPads, when individually managed can be fun and engaging learning tools but trying to work out the technical details of administering them for the mutual benefit of many people with diverging needs is difficult. In this workshop we will consider a range of technical best practices for the processes of administering sets of up to 30 iPads. From install to updates and even scheduling we will talk about what works well and simplifies use of this powerful tool. Bring your technical issues and find out if others have solutions.

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The following links will guide you through using Apple Configurator

Preparing iPads

Installing Apps

Using Paid Apps


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