"Brown Bag" Math!

Wednesday Workshop Series

Presented by: Lisa Melander, Math Specialist

All classes meet 4 - 7 PM @ Lewisville Middle School

Clock Hours: 3 per session

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Making the Most of the Math Practices

03/30/16: The Math Practice Standards are a critical aspect of the Common Core Standards for mathematics. This workshop explores each of the 8 practices and examines them in the context of each grade level. Participants will explore how to embed the practices into lessons. Various resources will be shared and this is a great opportunity for cross-grade level collaboration.

Target Audience: All Staff

Writing in Math Class: Interactive Journals

04/27/16: Writing is a powerful tool for students to revise and synthesize their thinking. This Workshop will help participants increase the use of writing in their math classrooms. Various kinds of math notebooks and journals will be discussed, but there will be an emphasis on creating interactive notebooks.

Target Audience: All Staff

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