RES Staff Update

December 11-15, 2017

Staff Dress for This Week

Monday-Holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Tuesday-Team Shirt Tuesday with jeans, holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Wednesday-Holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Thursday-Holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Friday-Holiday spirit wear or Robison spirit wear with jeans

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Rob the Elf

Rob the Elf will be making his debut on Monday! Look for him and tweet your selfie (this is one of the bingo squares). He'll be in a new location each day. Each day you tweet your selfie with Rob (use #robtheelf), you'll receive a ticket for.....a DAY OFF! That's right, you will get the day off. The best part is that your substitute will be me (and I'm job sharing this with Courtney and John). Each tweet=1 ticket. One winner, but it's a great prize! The picture above is from one of Rob's adventures in the past. You will have to look hard to find him each day. Remember, you must tweet the selfie AND use the hashtag in order to receive your ticket each day.

District Attendance Incentive

Once again, the district will be recognizing classroom teachers and campus paraprofessionals with exceptional attendance. Our campus will have one lucky winner of this $1,600 prize! To qualify, eligible employees must have two or fewer absences between August 14 and December 21. Once I receive the list from the district indicating who is eligible, I will share this with everyone so you can verify that you are on the list if you qualify.

Technology Update from Christi Moran


This is a friendly reminder to please take care of our laptop carts. Students SHOULD ALWAYS carefully remove and return the laptops neatly back to their designated shelf. This also means the charger cords should be organized and tidy! PLEASE take the time to make sure that students are respecting our technology…. I understand that it takes time but YOU HAVE to make it a priority! These “new” laptops will be around for a LONG time so we need to take the time to take care of them. If it is not important to you, your students will feel it is not important to them.

Laptops should not be removed from the carts for any reason outside of classroom use. If you are needing a laptop, for whatever reason, please come see me. We have many missing laptops that should be in their carts. If a laptop is broken, please fill out a service request and place a sticky note on top of it so the technology department can easily locate it. If you get a cart and it is missing laptops, please send me an email to let me know. If you find a laptop, please return it to the cart or bring it to me.

I appreciate your attention to this matter. We MUST take the time to teach kiddos the importance of taking care of our school and our technology because if we do not, we will not have it very long.

Holiday Project

Today our volunteers will begin wrapping gifts. You may certainly still collect gifts through Friday; however, gifts received later in the week might not be able to be wrapped by the volunteers. Thank you all for your hard work and communication with our parents. It will surely be a special Christmas for these families!

Message from PTO

Fiona Anderson, our PTO board member in charge of membership, has created a video to help our staff with how to access the My School Anywhere information. Please take a moment to listen to the video so you will have a full understanding of how this works on our end and for parents.

Here is some important additional information about this:

Hi Robison Teachers,

Attached is a video discussing the My School Anywhere PTO System and how you can gain access to this system, below are the additional notes:

  • The links mentioned in the video are as follows:

Online store :

Volunteer Sign Ups:

  • To create a family account in MSA please go to, enter the join code gorockets and complete the information required. Please note if you have paid your PTO dues as faculty you do not need to pay again for log in details to be associated with a family account. After you have created the account, just let me know you would like a second log in under your family account and it will be sent to you. These log in details which are generated by the system and sent via email will have your temporary password which can be changed after you access the system.

  • If you would like to purchase PTO membership, you can do so online through our store (the link is provided above for ease of use)

  • Please let me know if you have access and log in details (i.e. username and password) and would like to keep these as they are by Thursday 14th of December. As mentioned, if I resend log in details the old password will no longer work.

  • Log in details for all other Faculty PTO members will be sent on Friday 15th December.

It is important that we resolve any access issues as early as possible to ensure you can fully utilize the system. Our goal is to get all users comfortable using the PTO system so we can really benefit from this tool. Also, we have events upcoming that will require access to our online store for sales, volunteer sign ups etc.

If you have any additional questions or queries, please let me know. I am happy to walk you through this if anything at all is confusing.


Fiona Anderson

VP Membership

Member of the PTO Executive Board

Holiday Shoppe

Just a reminder about the Holiday Shoppe. Please help to communicate this with your parents. It is also in the Rocket Register. Our family shopping night is Tuesday, December 12.
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Holiday Twitter Challenge #RESholidaybingo

Many of you have been participating, and there is still time for others. You do not have to get a blackout to win!!

This next challenge is similar to our Summer Selfie Bingo Challenge. This is a Holiday Bingo Challenge. You will receive one drawing slip per bingo (up to 5 bingos) and 6 drawing slips if you get a blackout! When you complete a challenge on the bingo card, you'll need to post a picture (or video) of you completing the task AND a picture of the bingo card with that square marked off. Save the picture below to use in your posts. If you need help with how to mark the card or how to post the picture, there are several staff members that can help--just ask! Have fun with this one!! Be sure to tag your tweets with #RESholidaybingo

See the example below the bingo picture. Thank you, Courtney!

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If your last initial is "L" and you email me by Monday at noon, you will have won a jeans pass.

Calendar Additions

Please add these updates to your calendar.


Monday, December 4- Team Leader Meeting (4:15 pm) & Willie's Night (grab your friends or family and support Robison by having dinner at Willie's)

Tuesday, December 5- Para meeting @ 8:00 am

Friday, December 8- Staff Ugly Christmas Sweater Party @ Baker Street

Tuesday, December 12-- Family Night at Holiday Shop (5 to 7 pm)

Monday, December 18-Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night (another opportunity to support Robison by eating out)


Be sure that you have turned in the 2 employee acknowledgment forms that were given out at our staff meeting. If you need additional copies, please see Sally.

Please be sure to read the December Rocket Register for important information as well.


The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.