Euclid Eagles Update

June into Summer 2020

Dear Euclid Families,

As we close this school year, I must say thank you. Thank you for welcoming me with such open arms as the 19-20 school year began. Thank you for talking with me, honestly and with respectful candor as we continue the learning journey together to ensure Euclid remains the wonderful school our community loves so dearly. Thank you for following through with the promises of and narrative about how Euclid School is a family, inclusive of everyone. That, couldn't be more true and has been proven over and over again during the previous 2.5 months.

Our community has been challenged in ways we couldn't imagine and wouldn't have thought to prepare for. And, this week we see our country suffering in deep despair and anger (read the section below about how you might talk about race and current events with your children).

In spite of the health, economic, and social challenges, I thank you for your empathy and compassion for our teachers who flipped their professional worlds in days to try their best to remain connected to your children and for your patience and love for your children whose school lives were literally pulled from under their feet in a single day.

I am grateful for the generosity of resources, spirit, and gratitude you have shown our entire community. Euclid truly is a family for which I am proud to serve.

Have a safe, healthy, and peaceful summer full of kindness and love for each other.

With the utmost respect,

Karen Daly


Euclid Summer Office Hours & Communication

While our building remains unoccupied by non-essential staff our administrators can be reached through June and parts of July:

Our amazing office staff can be reached through Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at:

More often than past summers and as often as new information develops, in collaboration with district administrators, we will send communication to you during the summer weeks about the 20-21 school year. Please plan to periodically check your email for communication from River Trails School District 26.

Currently, our office is scheduled to reopen for the 20-21 school year Wednesday, July 29, 2020.


Student Chromebooks

If your child’s Chromebook is working well, please keep the Chromebook over the summer.

If your family plans to move out of Euclid School boundaries or the Chromebook is not working, contact us using or by using this form to arrange drop off. In email correspondence, please include the student's full name, grade, school and homeroom teacher (if they are K-5).


Food and Financial Assistance

Starting Wednesday, June 10 Food pick up will be 9am-12pm

(This Wednesday, June 3 is still 12pm - 3pm)

River Trails Middle School

This federally funded meals program is open to ALL families who need it.

For each child under 18: 7 days of food items for breakfast and lunch & 1 gallon of milk.

  1. Drive through service.
  2. Stay in your car.
  3. Open your trunk/liftgate.
  4. Show volunteers how many children under 18 who need food (holding up number of fingers).
  5. Try to have empty boxes/laundry baskets in trunk to hold food items.

Wheeling Food Pantry has pre-packed bags of food available for pick up on Tues, Wed or Thurs from 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00. If you have never been to the office before, please call first.


Address: 1616 N. Arlington Heights Road Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Phone: 847-259-7730

Grant Assistance Email:

Emergency Assistance can also be provided to help with your rent if you are pending eviction as well as utility disconnection. If you need to apply, call 773-843-5416 or apply online at

Summer with the Mount Prospect Public Library

Like school, the building is closed, but the learning and resources are still available!

Summer Program Newsletter

Summer Reading 2020: The Spectacular Reading Race!


Family Corner

Talking about Race with Our Children

As our country continues to try to heal from the ongoing effects of Covid-19, we find ourselves trying to understand and respond to the pain and anger of our fellow citizens in response to the horrific murder of George Floyd. Our children, now more than ever, need for us to speak with empathy, compassion, and careful honesty about the fragility of humanity.

I ask you not to shy away from holding your children close and talking about how we all have more in common than we are different, that our character is not reflected by the color of our skin but rather by our actions of kindness, love and friendship towards each other. This is the very thing that makes the Euclid Community so very special. It is especially important during this time where all of our fears are heightened and our vulnerabilities are most exposed.

Now is the time to parent, to guide, and to teach our children how they might begin to make THEIR world a better place than the one they bear witness to today.

Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race: a gathering of resources for parents and educators.

No one is truly free until we are all free. Martin Luther King

The thought of planning 9 MORE weeks with your kids might make you feel a little, well, tired. It might help to try to think of each day having a different theme. If your kids are old enough, have them help contribute to some ideas!

Whatever you decide to do....remember to keep it simple and fun and never forget you are all #bettertogether!

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