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Timberwood Middle School

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Start with Hello Week

Each year TMS participates in Start with Hello Week. Start with Hello Week is intended to teach students to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other. Some activities the students participated in throughout the week were:

-wearing green to show the schools commitment to create an inclusive community,

-students learned how to say hello in different languages

-students created a Positivity Wall to add positive notes for other students to take if they needed them.

We were able to include virtual students in our activities by hosting a Zoom and a virtual Positivity Wall!

High School Endorsements

What is an Endorsement?

Endorsements consist of a related series of courses that are grouped together by interest or skill set. They provide students with in-depth knowledge of a subject area. Students pick their electives based on their endorsement. The endorsement a student picks in high school does not predetermine a college or university plan. But it is a good way to determine if a student is interested in a particular field before heading off to a college or university.

There are 5 Endorsements and Humble ISD offers all 5: (click the endorsement to learn more information)

-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
-Business and Industry

-Public Service

-Arts and Humanities


What Does That Mean For My Middle School Student?

6th graders begin learning about their skills and interests through inventories in Naviance. In 7th grade, students will utilize Naviance to learn about all of the endorsements. In 8th grade, students will select their endorsement and create their 4 year high school plan.

Why Start So Early?

While it may seem early to start thinking about their high school plans, it has been shown that having a plan in place helps students be more successful. Students will be able to make changes to these plans, so the process in 8th grades does not have to be stressful. Humble ISD offers many opportunities for students to leave high school with college credits and even a license or certification for a particular field or skill. It is in the students best interest to create a road map early so they can take advantage of these opportunities.

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Strengthening Partnerships through Education

The Humble ISD Parent University Program was created to strengthen and engage families for our 21st Century learners. In 2017, the Humble ISD family developed a series of competencies, Portrait of a Graduate, as a part of our strategic vision for our students. Parent U aligns with this vision through empowering families and community friends to help students build academic success.

Parent University utilizes Eventbrite for online registrations. You will need to create a free account to register for any of the workshops. Upcoming Workshops:

Looking for Information?

TMS's Virtual Mindfulness Room

When you're stressed out and need a break, visit the Virtual Mindfulness Room the TMS counselors have created. Click on the objects to be taken to different activities or information.

Referrals to see the Counselor

All students have access to the counselor through whole group guidance. In addition to guidance lessons, some students visit with the counselor in small group counseling sessions. Individual students may self-refer to the counselor by filling out a Request to see the Counselor form in their grade level office or emailing their counselor. Parents may also refer by emailing or calling their students grade level counselor.

Timberwood's Comprehensive School Counseling Program

A comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of the school’s mission. Comprehensive school counseling programs are driven by student data and based on the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Program guidelines.

Guidance - Counselors visit classrooms 4 times per year to deliver lessons based on the Great 8 skills

Responsive Services - Individual and small group counseling support

Individual Planning - 504, course selection process, behavior plans, goal setting, etc...

System Support - Support to TMS staff and Parents: newsletters, website information, College Corner, Training's for Staff, Mentoring Program for Students, Open House, Community Outreach, School Counseling Advisory Council, and much MORE!

Credit By Exams

Humble ISD offers Credit by Exams two times during the year for certain courses for students to gain credit for a course they have no prior instruction on.

For more information contact your grade level counselor or visit the Humble ISD Counseling and Behavioral Services website.

Important Dates

October 22 - Late Arrival

November 3 - Student Holiday - Teacher Work Day

November 4 - 5th to 6th Grade Virtual Exploration Day

November 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break

December 1 - PSAT for 8th graders

December 21- January 4 - Holiday Break

The TMS Counselors