Nelson Cattle Farmer

The Different Beef Cattle Breeds

Salary of a cattle farmer

A cattle farmer makes a approximately 58,788 dollars with 20 cows a year


Most beef cattle farmers have a high school diploma, though an increasing number hold college degrees in animal science , agriculture, or a closely related field.

3 breeds of cows

job escription

Those looking to breed and sell animals for food-related purposes can become a livestock rancher. These ranchers rent or own land that they breed on, and they generally work full-time. Although no formal education is required to become one of these ranchers, a college degree can help students become more successful. Animals that are worked with in this career field include chickens, pigs, sheep and cattle. In order to succeed in this field, an individual needs to have a good work ethic and enjoy being outdoors. There are a lot of apprenticeships available after college, which provides students with hands-on training.