American realism

Mark Twain (real name is Samuel)

Definition of American realism

American realism- "the faithful representation of reality" it is practically a wake up call to reality. This picture represents American realism because many of time we have hope that we can do crazy stuff but in reality we will just get knocked down. This type of writing deals with emotion, imagination, and individualism. Samuel Clemson (mark twain) is one of the most well know writers in this category.

Who was Mark Twain?

He was an American author/ writer. He is most famous for is novel he wrote "Adventures of Huckle Berry and Finn" which would later be known as the great American novel. It is arguable the best book for American literature regionalism local color. The book was about the life by the Mississippi River.

Mark twains life

Mark twain life

His dad died when he was 13 so he dropped out of school and started working as a printers apprentice, this is when he fell in love with writing. Later on he became a steam boat driver and that's where he got his name mark twain, mark twain is a river term that means it is safe to travel a head. After a while the steam boat business was becoming slow so he became a newspaper reporter. This is where he became focus when he started writing his stories like Huckle berry and Finn. He wrote a title of 28 books and many of short stories


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