HR Update

November 2018

Changes with Letters of Intent

This year our letters of intent will be issued electronically. Look for details to come from Kimberly Scott and Meredith Falls . However, in general, certified staff will submit a Google Doc with their intentions. If they are NOT returning next year, they will need to complete a hard copy of the form in addition to the Google Doc because we do consider the LOI's turned in marked as not returning as resignations. The second change is that we will now be issuing LOI's in January instead of November. Hopefully, this will allow more employees time to finalize their thoughts on if they are returning to Lexington One.

New Hire Documents

Teresa and Kate will be sending the remaining documents needed to complete personnel files this week. If there are additional documents that are needed in addition to the job description and new hire check list, it will also be included for each staff member. There were many new hires that processed prior to the Onboarding sessions that began in June where we started capturing the job descriptions and check list, hence the large amount that are coming back to you. This number should be reduced tremendously next school year. Thank you in advance for getting these completed and returned to Teresa or Kate. The goal is to have them complete by Thanksgiving break.

Food Service Manager Evaluations

As you recall, we shared a document with Food Service procedures and updates at the last DLT meetings. As part of this process, we were looking at a revised Food Service Manager Evaluation tool that would involve both Food Services and the building principal. You will find the new form here. Please let Meredith Seibert or Sally Nichols know if you have any questions.

Age Requirements for Positions in Lexington One

Please examine and discuss the DRAFT Age Requirement Proposal

Invite anyone that would like to give feedback to our December 5th meeting at 1:00pm in CS Building 2- bottom floor. We want to ensure that we have heard all voices before we move forward. If you are a middle and/or high school please make sure you have examined this through the lens of band, athletics, etc..

Transitions for New Employees

The Transition Time document was shared at the last DLT meeting. Please review as an admin team. We will begin implementing this practice in our district immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know. Thank you to the focus committee that helped us work through this issue in order to be more consistent in schools.

Camps and Extracurricular Programs

Camps and Extracurricular programs- Complete this form for any camps/extracurricular programs at your school that employee those other than district employees

Let's Celebrate Our Subs....

Friday, November 16th is Substitute Educators Day. If you could please recognize your substitutes that day/week with a little treat or notes from students, etc, we know it would be appreciated! Last year was the first year we recognized the substitutes in this way and ALL of the schools did an amazing job of making these hard working individuals feel special. Please take pictures and send them to Tracy Halliday,

Save the Date

Teacher Recruitment Fair is January 26th. Remember, that the format will be different this year and each school will have a table where you can talk with multiple candidates and set up interviews. Please add the date to your calendar. Look for more details to come from Kimberly Scott and Meredith Falls.

Aspiring Assistant Principal Pool

This process will begin November 16th. If you have any suggestions for us or if you are willing to serve on an interview team for all or part of the process, please indicate so by signing up here. If you have great candidates in your building, please encourage them to apply.

Have you met??Michelle Green..Employee Records Specialist

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