Kingdom of Hawaii Extinct

Overthrow Of the hawaiian Kingdom


In January 17, 1893 the kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown and it wouldn't be possible without the role of President William McKinley, Grover Cleveland, and Minister John L. Stevens.

Historical Significance

The historic overthrow of the hawaiian kingdom wouldn't have been done accomplished with out Minister Stevens and presidents Grover and Mckinley. This was important because it should how a peaceful yet barabric style of culture was lost with just a snap of a finger turned into another culture. I want the reader to know the history of hawaii before thinking that its just a place of paradise but it really isn't.

Is Hawai'i Legally and Lawfully A State Of The Union?

Hawai’i is illegally a state because of what is thought to be an act of war. The Americans wanted Hawai’i for economic and military purposes. The Hawaiian people loved the land and cherished it. It was like taking someone’s thing and claiming that it’s theirs. The Americans forced the Hawaiians to give up their land by threatening them with guns. It was not right for them to take the Hawaiian lands away. The Hawaiians also petitioned for the land not to be annexed and the government. If the government was really listening, then Hawaii wouldn’t be annexed.

Supplemental Information

On January 17, 1893 the Hawaiian flag was being brought down by the Honolulu Rifles. This is showing the end of the Monarchy.


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