Ms. Aramayo Mrs. Lowe February 2016

Welcome to the Theme: Imagine it, Make it

Think of all the things that you can do!!

Students will be encourage to use their imagination to explore and understand different themes. Students will practice oral language and share feelings and ideas through hands on activities. Every student will be exposed to different types of writing and encourage them to start reading. Students will be introduce to numbers, colors and letters in Spanish.

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Important Dates

2/2 100 Day of School Celebration

2/8 Lunar Year

2/15 President's Day--Dress like a President

2/12 Valentine's Day celebration

2/18 Black History Luncheon.

2/24 Fundraising at Chipotle.

2/25 Black History Celebration at 1 PM Pre-k Cafeteria.

2/26 Go Western Day!!

Monthly Character

Jeremiah S. Virginia G

Sportship, Resolving Conflicts, Compremise, Patience
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Monthly Birthdays

Trevion P. 2/1

Mrs. Lowe 2/11

Jae'lah S. 2/22

Friendly Reminders

Breakfast ends at 8:00A.M

Please help us collect box stops

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at 713-726-7690 or email me at

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