Dialogue in Jamaica

February 18-20, 2014, Caymanas Golf & Country Club

Lead from a place of focus and confidence...

For the past 30 years, master communication strategist Joe Williams has been using his Dialogue workshop series to share valuable tools with managers of major North American corporations, aimed at helping them think strategically, plan more effectively, and lead from a place of focus and confidence. In 2012, Survivors Unlimited hosted the first Dialogue workshop in Jamaica and are pleased to announce the date for our 2014 event.

No matter what business or organizational issues you are faced with—ranging from Employee Engagement to Change Management or Customer Care Initiatives—Dialogue gives you the tools to build an effective communication strategy.

What you will learn

  • Tools for becoming a strategic business partner and a leader in your organization.
  • Tools for thinking strategically about your function and your role.
  • How to identify your company's true business needs and devise a plan to meet them.
  • How to design a plan that speaks to bottom-line business issues.
  • How to advance your own leadership skills and gain broader executive presence.
  • How to have more confidence and a stronger voice in meetings and presentations so that when you speak, others listen.
  • How to bring focus and direction to your work and gain more confidence in your negotiations with others.

Who Comes to Dialogue?

When Dialogue began some 30 years ago, the workshop centered on communication in corporations and organizations. We've since found that the tools work equally well for any job function, company or title. It is how you elect to apply them. Plus, the tools are transferable to any position, even those outside the typical corporate world. These include engineers from Goodyear, an associate dean of music at Indiana University, a New York City orchestra manager, people starting their own firms, and others in fields ranging from accounting to marketing.

Your workshop facilitators

Survivors Unlimited is a Jamaican-based event-planning company. Our principal, Lorraine Jones, is an alumna and enthusiastic promoter of the Dialogue workshop series.