Christopher Yao

By ; Jenitza Romero , Period 3

Engages kids to participate in providing health, education, and basic needs to their peers

"My biggest inspiration is the impact I see being made,"

"Once you see one person's life being changed, you can't just stop there. They're thankful forever and they'll remember you forever ... and you know that there are other people waiting for your help and you just can't stop."

Early life for Christopher

Christopher was born on September 18, 1996. He was born in Jericho, New York. He grow up with an under jaw bite which inspired him to make a difference and help others overcome what he had to. Since that experience he has had nothing , but drive to go out and lead others and help ones in need. That is is main focus, however he has other hobbies such as swimming, running, volunteering, chess and piano.

Aspects of Life

Christopher and his motivativation to make an impact

When Christopher was 10 years old he was diagnosed with an under jaw bite which later was corrected , but he had an inspiration to help other children with the same problems as him. He began to look for organizations he could fundraiser for. On his journey of searching he teamed up with an organization called The Smile Train that raised money for children with cleft lips. He helped the local read-a-thon raise thousands of dollars. For the success he accomplished he joined another organization called Kids Change America. It's a development of the Dao's Children's Centre in Mombasa, Kenya where children have been affected by post election violence. Therefore, Kids Change the World is on of the worlds leading youth programs that help unite young people together. The organization gives free grassroot resources , websites and guidance for children to be influenced to make their own charitable programs. Christopher has done a lot to help thats why he was recognized for community service by the Cooperation for National and Community Service. Most importantly Christopher won a award for the Halo Effect on Nickelodeon for leading others and making a change.
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Hero/Heroine How Christopher can be classified as a Hero

Christopher demonstrates who a hero is because he had an extraordinary passion and drive to make a difference in other peoples lives. The struggles he had to go through as a child made him want to make an impact and help others that could relate to his challenges. Admiringly, he took a defect of having an under jaw bite by turning it into a positive impact for children with the same diagnosis .