Technology to Implement in 2018

Grades K-2 January teacher training for 2018


Teachers will explore different applications while rotating in stations.

Success Criteria

  • Learn the different types of QR codes to use in a variety of areas in the classroom.
  • Explore the top 100 free educational apps for 2017 and answer questions in Padlet.
  • Explore and create an account for the website "Teacher your Monster to Read" Add your students.
  • How to take a worksheet and make it interactive for your students with Mrs. Guimbellot.
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QR Codes

Have you ever used QR codes in your classroom? Be a student and

  • complete 2-3 of the QR code activities in Station 1.
  • Using your iPad take a picture or make a video explaining which activities you completed using the camera app on the iPad.
  • Upload your completed pictures or video to OneDrive and Share with Mrs. Guimbellot

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Explore the article, "Top 100 Educational Apps for 2017"

Click on the link below and pick a subject area to explore the top apps in 2017. Once you have viewed the website and explored several of the apps, complete the Padlet activity. Link is below.

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Digging Deeper into iReady Reports

In this station you will dig deeper into the iReady reports with Mrs. Guimbellot.

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Solve a Math problem

  1. Open Educreations on your iPad.
  2. Open the Second Grade TCAP item analysis. Click on the link below.
  3. Select a problem to solve
  4. Re-write the problem in Educreations and audio record your thinking as you solve the problem.
  5. We'll share your understanding using Apple TV.