By: Armani Johnson

The Cell Membrane

  • Like a bag with holes
  • Keeps the good stuff in and the bad out
  • Its in both animal and plant cells


Its the main part

Connects to every organelle and every part of the cell membrane

It provides a framework or

Can determines a cells shape

Both animals and plant has it

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The power house of the cell

Acts as a digestive system

Animal and plants have this


Protein Builders

Connects amino acids

Also builds long chains

In both animal and plant cells


acts as the brain of the cell

Mostly in the middle of the cell

ball shaped

Animals and plants have this

Golgi Apparatus

Also known as the Golgi Complex

The "Packing Organelle"

Gathers simple molecules

Combines to make more complex ones

Both animal and plan has this

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Has a network of membranes

Manufactures and packs

The smooth ER- stores lipids and creates them

The rough ER- packs the proteins

Plants and animals have this


Called the "Specialized Vesicle"

Holds a variety of enzymes

This is only in animal cells


Small vesicles

similar to the lysosome but this requires oxygen

absorbs nutrients

Plants and animals have this

digests fatty acids


Food producer or Photosynthesis

works to convert sunlight energy into sugar

This is only the Plant cell


"Storage Bubbles"

Stores food/nutrients

stores waste until its time to send it out the cell

In both animal and plant cells

Cell Wall

Protective structure made of cellulose

To protect the framework for a plant cell

Only for plant cells


Fluids that's in a cell

Animal and plant cells have this

Fills the cell

Nuclear Membrane

Has 2 parts the Outer membrane and the Inner membrane

They both act as a barrier

In both the animal and the plant cell


DNA, Protein and RNA

Packs the DNA into a smaller cell

both animal and plant cells have this


Set of microtubers arranged in a certain way

helps divide the cell when its time

Only animal cells has this