raymonds run

by: toni bambara creat by: Todd Holt


THEME - This story called Raymonds Run is insprational to me because it shows how hard work can get yopu far and the friendship of people. The main character Sqeuaky, is an avid runner. Her responsibility is to watch over her disabled older brother, Raymond. Hazel is preparing for the fifty yard dash that she takes part in every year and she wins year after year. She practices in the beginning and middle of the story and brings Raymond with her. At the end she realizes that Raymond has a special gift. Don’t let others break your confidence and you will achieve what you aim to do.


Raymond has a rare disorder, I forget the name but he has water on his brain. He is being taken care of by his sister Squeeky who is small but not afraid to fight. Her rival is Gretchin who always makes herself out to be better than she is. For example she will practice piano for weeks and then one day say that she heard a piece and just picked it up like that. Well there is a big race that squeeky is practicing for with raymond that Gretchin also wants to win. On the day of the race Squeeky wins the race by a neck. She sees Raymond running and decides to be less competitive and teach Raymond how to run.


the exposition takes place at the very beginning. It is here that we are introduced to Raymond and his "difficulties." We learn that he is "slow," and that a lot of people have unkind things to say about him, but not with Squeaky around. It's her job to keep an eye on him.

Demouement and how I felt about the story

Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Paker is only 12 and she says running and taking care of her brother is her life. But taking care of brother is a lot of work since he is older then her but he is not a really smart guy or not like every one eles. But Hazel will always be there for him and i think that is really sweet im like that with my sister. But somthing changes when he starts to run like his sister and she feels really happy about her brother,