The Mysterious Life Of Gandhi

By: Olivia Hilger

The Mysterious Life Of Gandhi

Gandhi was only eighteen when he went to school in London so he can become a barrister. Gandhi went to prison for civil disobedience he was released in 1924. One of the most famous teachings is called satyagraha and that is no longer taught today. Gandhi died at seventy eight years old he was born in (1869-1948)

Gandhi's interesting life

Gandhi was an interesting man he did a lot like fasting. Gandhi wasn't successful but he was able to afford things like food and clothing for him and his wife and kids. Also Gandhi was in prison for four years from (1920-1924). Back in Gandhi's time the most famous teaching was called satyagraha. That is no longer a language that is taught today. He died in (1948) and was seventy eight years old. He was born in (1869-1948).

when non-violence happened

In modern times when Gandhi was around non-violence was a powerful tool for social protest. I'm still not sure if Gandhi became a barrister or not. After school in London Gandhi came back to India. Then once Gandhi turned seventy eight years old he died. It's still a mystery how he died today.

what happened to Gandhi

Gandhi had a law office in South Africa. Gandhi influenced Dr.Martin Luther King jr. and Nelson Mandela plus millions of other people. Gandhi was married to a women named Kasturbai Makanji. He had two children. But , he spent most of his time fighting for the most independence of India. He also led the salt march to protest against the British.

crazy things that happened to Gandhi

Gandhi had so many interesting things things happening in his life. He was a busy man. Gandhi really never had time to enjoy the whole day with his kids and his wife. Gandhi was a really good person. He was always Mainly busy because he was always helping others. Also he was busy influencing millions of people including Martin Luther King jr. and Nelson Mandela.


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