Boreal forest adventures russia

Take a trek through one of the biggest forests ever

Where is it ? What dose it look like? What's a boreal forest?

Well it looks like a forest like any other during the summer and it's located in Russia.

Here's a map below to show you what I mean also a boreal forest is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches. The boreal forest (taiga) is the world's largest terrestrial biome.


So what's the place like how's the land and is there pollution

Well during the summer it's a lovely place to hike with a cool 60 deg. And a cool breeze the waters blue the forest is teeming with life.after that small season of warmth it turns winter and can reach temperatures of -5 deg. But not to worry just pack a coat and you can walk through this winter for the land there's very low pollution as there's nothing for miles but forest but the soil is acidic and poor due to the cold and permafrost that occurs

What animals will you see?

Well like I said the forest has plenty of life so here's how it all fits In

Producers: lichen, multiple types of moss, ferns, blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes.

Primarily consumers: snowshoe rabbits, red squirrels, voles, red deer, elk, and moose.

Secondary consumers: lynx, wolverines, bobcats,minks and ermines.

Decomposers: soil bacteria, Honey Fungus, Moss, bugs and Fungi like mushrooms.

Tertiary consumers: Rough-legged Hawk, Least Weasel, Garter Snake,Omnivores, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Northern Bat

If you look around you could find a number of these things.

Now not everything can live here just like that it get extremely cold so some annimals have made adaptions Most animals migrate to warmer climates once the cold weather begins. Some animals have adapted to life in the taiga by hibernating when temperatures drop. Other animals have adapted to the extreme cold temperatures by producing a layer of insulating feathers or fur to protect them from the cold.