The Kaubin Chronicle

Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School

We Made It!

Your child has navigated Fourth Grade with the poise and grace of a life-long learner! Your child wore many hats this year including but not limited to: authors, editors, readers, journalists, mathematicians, researchers, historians, engineers, geologists, investigators, scientists, actors and actresses, teachers, learners, helpers, and friends. What a year it has been! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the overwhelmingly generous class gift. It was my pleasure and privilege to be your child's teacher this year. We have TONS of memories that will last a lifetime. Keep reading, writing, and working with numbers over the summer. Enjoy every minute! I will miss you!

Love always,

Mrs. Kaubin

Ellis Island Field Trip

By: Charlotte & Maya

Have you ever heard of the Island of Hope and Island of Tears? On June 2, the whole fourth grade went to visit! Also known as the Island of Hope, Island of Tears... this beautiful building was built in the 1800’s. Most immigrants came through there. We left at 7:15 and got there around 9:00. We took a ferry to Ellis Island. We had 3 hours to explore Ellis Island. There were three floors and there was an immigrant memorial wall. Most liked the third floor and the wall of immigrant names. Some people saw their family names on the wall. After Ellis Island, we took a ferry over to Liberty Island, but we did not get off. After, we headed back to the shore and then home to Haddonfield. This was one of the best field trips ever!!!

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Spirit Week

By: Giulia, Clare, & Olivia

Spirit Week is a time to embrace your school’s spirit by dressing up to the corresponding days, like Decade Day (dress up as your favorite decade), Crazy Hair Day (put on a crazy hair style), and Superhero Day (dress up as a comic superhero, or make up your own). Here’s the schedule. Monday was Superhero Day. Tuesday was Decade Day. Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day. Thursday was Clash/Mismatch Day. Friday was Olympic Multi- Cultural Day. Everyone looked great each and every day! Lizzy Haddon has tonssss of school spirit! WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL!!!

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Cubana Assembly

By: Jack T. & Gabe

This week in an assembly these people came in. One of them was Cuban and the other one was from New Jersey. They came because we had been learning about Cuba in Spanish. They brought musical instruments and showed us different kinds of music and their reasons. It was cool. They also called on people to help them; it was fun. One of the people was in our class: Kaite, Maddie, Matt, and Mrs. Kaubin. They had them try to dance to the music. It looked hard. We (Jack T. and Gabe) really wanted to go up, but only a few kids from our class were chosen. After the assembly, we asked Matt if it was easy, hard or fun or not fun. He said it was fun. I believe that it was fun. I think the assembly was interesting because people came for us and because they were really nice.

Move Up Day

By: Matt, Paige & Jeff

Move Up Day is awesome! Move Up Day is when you get to meet your future teachers! 4K met Mrs.Wagner and Mr.DelDuca! 4K is so excited for fifth grade, we can hardly wait! In fifth grade, we get to do so many fun things! We get to do safety patrol and morning announcements! We even get to do a tour of Philadelphia! Cool right?! Fifth grade is 4K’s last year of Elizabeth Haddon School! 4K sure does love Move Up Day!

Writing Celebration

By: Maddie, Mackenzie & Luca

This month 4K had their writing celebration! We shared our literary essays, our revolutionary war information books, our realistic fiction stories and our opinion essays. Our parents came to look at our majestic works of art. Many people came to admire our majestic pieces of work. IT WAS SUPER FUN!

The Average Bulldawg Survey Project

By: Holly, Erin, & Will

Parents, do you wonder why your child or children walk out of school with big packets saying “ The Average Bulldog.” Now here's why…

In math, we were doing a project that is trying to see how many things you have seen or have done. Like for example: “How many Disney movies have you seen?” Another example would be, “ How many bones have you broken?” There are other silly ones out there, but there's too many to count. We are doing this survey because we want to know what the average person in Haddonfield is like.

If we haven't told you, we are working in groups. And everyone is so far loving the groups that they are in. One group is Erin, Olivia, and Ben. Another is Will, Cammy, and Jack T. Also one more group is Holly, Luca, and Paige. All of these and other groups have been working very, very hard.

When our class was all done asking questions of people, we took all the information and turned this awesome project into a bar graph. We also figured out math things like the mean, median, mode, range, minimum, and maximum of our data. Our whole class had a great time with this cool survey! Thank You For Reading This Informational Article! We hope you enjoyed it!

MoneyZone Economics

By: Cammy & Emme

Do you know how to manage your money? Well, 4K does! We had a crash course on how to manage money. We learned about needs and wants. An example of a need is water and an example of a want is a car. Also, we learned about budgets, earning power, withdraws and deposits, interest, income and much, much more. First, she told us about ways to earn money and ways we are gifted with money. Next, about needs and wants and after that she talked about interest (also known as free money) and income which is also tied into earning power. Earning power is knowledge and experience. So for if you're a 1st grader, and you get paid to attend school, you'd get $0.50. If you're a 4th grader you earn $2.00 and if you're a 6th grader you get $5.00. She taught us how to fill out a withdraw and deposit slip at the bank. We had three lessons on how economics work and on Monday we went to the bank. We all had so much fun that we want to learn more! What a FUN unit!

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Community Meeting

By: Ben & Alec

This school year went so fast! We just had our last community meeting! First, we all sat down and listened to music while everything was being set up. Once everything was ready, we did the pledge of allegiance. After that, a girl from sixth grade sang some songs to us. Then they gave out the word of the month (Generous) award. One person from first grade got it, and one person got it in every other grade up to fifth grade. Our very own Erin Brandenburg won the Generous Award because she's soooooooooooo generous! We then honored Mrs. Close for her retirement. Kids from first grade came up to say how special she was. After that, the fourth grade had to leave for our field trip to Republic Bank. We're really looking forward to next year's community meetings!

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Apps Project

By: Emme & Matthew

Our final unit in Social Studies was very exciting! We did a unit on Economics. So, as a project, we developed ideas for Apps!!!

First, we got partners. Then we had to brainstorm three ideas that we would like to make an app. Then we had to choose one of them to “launch” in the app store.

Step one was choosing the app. Step two was choosing our target market. For example, teens, kids, toddlers, and more. Step three was designing the icon, giving details, reviews, and ratings. They were going to show up on the app store.

Next was step four, opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is when you have to make a decision and your opportunity cost is what you give up so we had to decide what our opportunity costs were going to be.

Step five was strategic impact. We figured out what the threats and the opportunities were to our company.

Step six was finding out what our gigabyte cost was. That is how many consumers we predicted would buy our app.

Step seven was advertising. We had to choose how we would advertise our apps. For example, t.v. commercials, billboards, radio commercials, online pop ups, and more.

Step eight was finding the total manufacturing cost. Some of our final costs were between $20,000 and $100,000.

Step nine was pricing. We divided our total manufacturing costs by our predicted number of users to find our break even cost. We also found our total gross revenue and our total net profit to figure out how much our entire app would cost.

Then we shared our apps with our friends in 4K and 4L! Mrs. Kaubin said if we ever actually make our apps, she wants 10% of our profits!

Field Day

By: Kaite & Jack W.

Field Day is the day that every student that goes to Elizabeth Haddon totally loves. The different elementary grades wear their colors and play games outside. For example, our color is red so we separate the grades' colors so that if we get lost we can easily find our grade/class .

Mrs. Wisnewski sets up all the stations and makes everything happen. Without her, Field Day would not be a thing in Elizabeth Haddon. On June 15, we all gathered outside at the black top to start field day. Then, halfway through we got snacks and a break. One of the stations was called the Water Balloon Toss. Matt and Alec won the first round then we had another round. That round we all got to throw our water balloons at Mrs. Kaubin! Field Day was sooooooo much fun! We can’t wait until next year!

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