Voters Registration

Come vote with us

Steps to getting your vote on

To become a voter you need to first be a citizen of the united states and also 18 years of age and resident in your state .

First : Registration

Second: Study

Third : Vote for the best

Your behavior has an voter

1.Who votes ?

You can vote as long as you don't have an felony and your over the age of 18 .

2.Split ticket vs Straight ticket ?

When a split ticket happens this means that the person just doesn't vote for Democratic or republican party they vote for both this usually means that they have study there candidates and there choosing who they think is best .

Straight ticket means they vote for just one party no matter if the other candidate makes more sense this happens very often and most people that do this don't study there candidates .


Don't do this , ballot fatigue is when there are a lot of candidates to many and the voters get tired and don't fell like reading the rest so they just pick the ones at the top of the page .


15th has to do with race that African Americans couldn't vote because of there race .

17th are when we elect or senators not the president .

19th this amendment gave women right to vote after a lot of suffrage .

23rd gave the right to dc to vote in the elections .

24th cut poll taxes down so that people with low income could vote and not the men with the property .

26th put the age down to 18 to vote sense they went off to war why couldn't they vote.

Frequently asked questions

last day to vote ?

Voter registration postmark deadlines vary from 30 days out to just a couple of days before the election.

Re register if i moved ?

Yes, if you have changed your address, changed your name, or need to change your political party, you must.