Gender Equality

By Jay M. Tipton

In our community of Coppell, Texas.

Most women work as teachers, for Coppell has many large schools. But in other jobs, they get less pay than men right? This isn't the firs time america has had problems with people's rights. First it was colonists, then immigrants, native americans, african americans, and finally women. They were the last of american citizens to receive full rights in 1913. When they finally gained the right to vote.

Anyways, I just wish we could live in an equal and peaceful world. All I ask of The Mayor, officials and people of Coppell, to consider women in the society for full rights and respects that men get.

2 pros for this are: First, this would restore faith in humanity. Meaning, people will be happy that someone had the respect to do something like this.

Second, Women's employment rate would most likely go up. Knowing that more job opportunities and equal pay are available, they will be encouraged to get jobs and happily gain money.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This is an important topic to me, even though I happen to be male. Not like it matters, because this article is about gender equality. Have a nice day.


I dont have any sources to sight. I just went off of the top of my head, because thats how much this matters to me.