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December Newsletter

Way to be AMAZING in November!

I wanted to take just a few minutes to send a huge congratulations to each one of you.

For holding one trunkshow, for meeting amazing women and sharing the style and for being stunning brand ambassadors. You have done great things with your business and I am so excited for what is coming up in 2013.

There is still time to book in just one more show for December. Order deadline is Dec17 but let's go with Dec14. Why not give out a statement necklace to each of your friends to wear around town and draw in some business before the holidays or into the new year. Or even throw a holiday shopping hour at a business of your choice. Easy for the employees and god knows the men could use your expertise. Don't be afraid to push for just one more this month.

You can do this!

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Handshakes for our Jumpstart Earners

Let's give a big shout out to our jumpstart earners in November. Both Cheryl Shaw and Miranda Russell just got a whole lot cuter (and so did their displays) with $150 in free product credits.

Well done girls!

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Holiday Meet Up

Let's get together and celebrate all your hard work this past year. Please RSVP at or call me at 250-863-7185 no later then 11/14. Hope you can be there.

WHEN: Monday, Dec.17


TIME: 6pm