Jack Dempsey

Boe Hoffman


William Dempsey other know as Jack Dempsey was a famous Boxer. Jack born on June 24 lived life normally. He got boxing lessons from his brother. Eighth grade year Jack drop out to focus on boxing. He went from town to town fighting in little fights. Soon he became World Heavy Weight Champion. After a Knock out in the first round against Jess Willard know as the Great White Hope. After Jack defend his title five out of six times. Jack was not popular with the public because he did not go to war. He was known as a draft dodger. After his lost to Gene Tunney he made a famous quote. It was "I forgot to duck" this made him a folk legend. He rematched Tunney and lost for the second time. When he lost he retired and open Jack Dempsey's Restaurant. Jack Dempsey was the second most famous athlete in the world behind Babe Ruth.

Best and Worse things about 1920

Best The crowds coming to support me in my fights

Betting Jess Willard for the title

Worse People calling me a Draft Dodger for not fighting in the war

Losing my title to Gene Tunney


He impacted society and culture by persevering though everything. He was hated at the start of his career but though perseverance he was then loved. He showed kids to chase their dreams. Jack was an eighth grade drop out then became something big

Issue in 1920

The economy was failing in the 1920's. It was falling to the point a depression was arising. If the economy was better who knows what would be going on in the future.

His Legacy

He sees his legacy to be about him holding his heavy weight world champion. On how he held it for six years. He said the his fights against Jess Willard and Gene Tunney will also be in his legacy. He said he should be remembered for his hard work and perseverance.
Jack Dempsey - Boxing Documentary