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ARVC 13-3 Roster

Let's cheer our girls on to victory this weekend!

Now we can all cheer for the entire team! :) See you at practice tonight- 4:00 pm.
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Grace #1

Grace's favorite band is Ill Motion, and her favorite song is 'Innocent'.
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Esperanza #2

Esperanza's favorite song is 'Future', and her top band is Mindless Behavior.
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Abigail #3

Abby's favorite song is 'Home', by Phillip Phillips. She loves otters and turtles, and her favorite colors are blue and green.
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Tishell #5

Tishell loves all music!

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Sarah #6

Sarah's favorite song is 'Heaven is the Face'. Her fave colors are red and blue, and favorite animals are peregrine falcon and lions.
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Lauren #7

Lauren loves Harry from 1D, but Justin Bieber is right up there! Her favorite song is 'Too Close to Love You'.
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Jazzy #9

Jazzy's faves include 1D, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran. Her hobbies include writing, listening to music, and laughing! :)
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Laney #11

Niall from 1D is Laney's favorite artist, but she also listens to One Republic and FUN. Her favorite things about VB are passing, digging, and rolling.
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Shamyra #12

If 1D and Justin Bieber all wore lime green, Shamyra would be one happy girl! Her favorite songs are 'Beauty and a Beat' and 'Live While We're Young'. She also loves dolphins, turtles, and penguins.
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Analissa #13

1D tops Analissa's list of favorite bands, and her favorite song is 'Everybody Talks'. When she's not playing volleyball, Anallissa enjoys drawing and playing with her two dogs.
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McKenna #15

McKenna's fave colors are purple and pink, and her favorite song is 'Saxobeat'. She thinks pomeranians are 'Sooooo cute!'.