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Why visit Ireland?

Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe, and the twentieth largest island on the Earth. This wonderful island, often called the Emerald Island, has green, lush, fields. What makes Ireland so special is what most people do: Irish dance. This type of dancing has spread all over the world including the United States as well.

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In 7500 B.C. the first known inhabitants settled in Ireland
In the fourth century B.C, the Celtics arrived and dominated the island for one thousand years. Legend has it that St.Patrick came to Ireland bringing Christianity with him adn converting the people.
In early 1600's, England finally defeated the last major Gaelic rulers and established rule throughout all of Ireland.
New laws forbid Catholics to vote, own land, or practice their religion freely. These laws will remain in effect until 1829.
The country of Ireland was devastated in the 1840's when the great potato famine occurred ,which resulted in at least one million people dead, and another 2 million that had emigrated to other countries, mostly the United States.
In 1949, Ireland withdrew from the Commonwealth and declared it's own independence, while Northern Ireland still remains part of the U.K.


Bloomsday: This day is dedicated to a man named James Joyce, who was one of Ireland's most famous literary masters. This is celebrated on June 16th, and was first introduced in 1954.
St. Patrick's Day: Most definitely the most celebrated holiday, named after Ireland's patron saint, celebrates the country's rich culture and heritage with music, food, dancing, and parades. This is holiday is celebrated on March 17th, and was first celebrated in 1737.
Christmas: A holiday that is very familiar almost everywhere, is counted as one of the top three celebrations in Ireland, lasting from about December 24th to January 6th, though many people count December 8th as the official start of the season. These days celebrate the birth of Jesus with family members and close friends.

Major Cities

Dublin, with a population of about 1,024,027.
Galway, with a population of 70,686.
Cork, with a population of 190,384.
Limerick, with a population of 90,054.
Tallaght, with a population of 64,282.


Irish-Gaelic, or also known as plain Irish, is the officially recognized first language, and is a part of the Celtic family of languages. Some phrases you should know before visiting Ireland is "Whats the craic?", which means fun, and can be used in many different ways. "Aw sure look it" is something you could actually say if you don't know what a person is talking about, and may come in handy. "Put the heart crossways" is something you would say if you broke something accidentally. "The press" just means stove. "Minerals" is soda or juice.

Government and Economy

GDP per capita: $41,700

Type of Currency: Euro

Type of Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Ireland's current leaders include Michael D. Higgins, who is the president of Ireland, and the Prime Minister is Enda Kenny. Ireland is one of the biggest exporters in the world of pharmaceuticals, but some of their other exports include organic chemicals, data processing equipment, and food.

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