Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of September 26-30

Progress Monitoring

We have successfully completed our first week of interventions and progress monitoring! Everyone worked very hard to get every single student who needed progress monitored completed this week! 100% of students were PM this week (that's 128 students)- great job! I know this is not easy (especially when we are told to get it all done on Wednesdays!)

We know there are still issues with the site at times and timers continue to only work sporadically. I appreciate everyone communicating their issues and concerns with me so I can get them addressed right away. If you are having any problems (e.g. not being able to see certain students that you need to PM, students who are duplicated on the system, students not showing up for PM that should be, etc.) please email me so I can try and fix these and keep track of all of these issues.

If you haven't yet please enter your students PM scores from last week on your grade level's google doc.

Graphing Students Weekly PM Scores

Don't forget to print out graphs for your students to track their weekly progress monitoring scores. Goal setting by students and tracking of their own scores has an effect size of 0.55 (remember anything over 0.4 is considered worthwhile because it is in the "Zone of Desired Effects" and cause more than a years worth of growth if implemented correctly) . If you need blank graphs let me know. I emailed templates out to everyone last week but can get you hard copies if you need them.

Entering Time

We didn't talk much about this this week, but hopefully everyone takes some time to enter time for their students. I am unsure what each grade level has planned for entering time - whether you will enter time for your intervention group of students or for your homeroom students. Either way entering time needs to happen each week. Let me know if you are having any problems entering time!

We need to be as realistic with our time as possible:

* It is best to enter time each day to keep our times as accurate as possible for time spent in intervention.

* If a student leaves an intervention early or comes late, only include the minutes they actually attended the intervention.

* Any time a student misses intervention, but are present at school that day they need to be marked as "0 minutes" for that day.

* If a student is absent from school that day mark absent for that student.

* If we don't have school that day mark

For Your Reading Pleasure

This past weekend The Des Moines Register wrote an article entitled, "Iowa's testing system crashes, sparks audit." It reports on the many challenges of the system this fall, technology glitches, and upcoming plans for the system.

This Week


  • 8-10 NTC Webinar @ High school
  • 5th Grade ELA team planning
  • 12:30-2 LCI Pre/Post Meeting @ Primary
  • 2-3 Meeting with Susan Parker
  • Work on standards books
  • 3rd Grade team planning


  • 5th Grade Team Planning
  • Work on standards books
  • Prepare conference paperwork
  • Cover a teacher's intervention so they can observe another teacher
  • Work with staff


  • Staff meeting
  • 11:30 Meeting with Jennifer B.
  • 1:45-3:45 Meeting with Dilyn and Barbara
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books


  • 8-10 Meeting with Dilyn (setting up interventions and intervention time, getting staff trained on how to use TIER at the middle school)
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books
  • PTC


  • Full day PD - LCI Visible Learning