March Writing Challenge

You're Invited!

Slice of Life Story Challenge

Write a Slice of Life Story on a blog every day for the month of March. Each day you will share the link to your story and comment on at least three other bloggers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Slice of Life Story?
A Slice of Life Story is a personal story about one small segment of your day. It is the story of a moment, or a collection of moments, that you want to write about.

Do I have to write every day? Even on the weekends?


What if I don't have a blog?

No problem, we will help you set one up. It's easy, I promise.

What if I'm not a good writer?

It doesn't matter. No one is judging you on the quality of your writing.

Why would I want to do this challenge?

  • To become a better teacher of writing
  • To become a member of a writing community
  • To learn how to blog
  • To share your stories
  • To bond with your colleagues
  • To earn prizes!
  • To earn a free Internal University credit!

Okay, I want to join. What do I do now?

Attend an informational meeting (see below). Once you're ready to commit, you can sign up for the challenge on My Learning Plan.

Learn more at an informational meeting.

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 3:45-4:15pm

Jefferson Junior High - PDC

If you are interested and cannot make it to the meeting, ask your coach or email Dana Murphy for more information!