Revtalizing Gaelic Languages

Languages that were once thought to be Extinct

History Of Gaelic

As a part of the Celtic language branch gaelic language (also known as goidelic) was the major language before the German Angles, Jutes, and Saxons invaded. 2,000 years ago this language was spoken mostly in what is now Germany, France, and the northern part of Italy, as well as the British Isles. Celtic now is only spoken in remote area of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and the Brittany Peninsula. Two of the Gaelic languages survive today, Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic.

Is it comming back?

In the late nineteenth century the interest in Gaelic language and Irish culkture sprung up again.  Irish had diminished as a spoken tongue, remaining the main daily language only in isolated rural areas, with English as the dominant language of the majority of Ireland. Also the young Ireland movement of the 1840s sought a new kind of national identity in the stories and myths of ancient Gaelic.

Gaelic Sports

Before industrialisation sports were disorganised by modern standards with rules for ball games frequently being agreed between opposing teams on a per-game basis. The need for an organized set of rules and sports were set up by the Football Association and the Rugby Football Union, which led to the soccer and rugby codes becoming popular in Britain and spreading to Ireland. The style of football that had been played in Ireland prior to this was a combination of carrying and kicking, and some people involved in the Gaelic Revitalization were concerned at the enforement of the English codes that were displacing the traditional native style of football, with cricket contributing to the decline of hurling. So they formed the Gaelic Athletic Association.The association codified the native style of football in the form of what is now modern Gaelic football, and the rules of hurling were also codified. The GAA went on to preserve the native pastimes to the point where they were saved from extinction and to this day remain the most popular sports in Ireland.


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