Daily Instructions

October 8, 2015


  1. Do Now
  2. Talk about the research we've done so far and what we will do next
  3. Introduce next article to read
  4. Assign jobs
  5. Get in groups
  6. Read article out loud with your group

Part 1

Do Now

  1. Read through the whole Daily Instructions guide

Part 2

Talk About the Research We've Done So Far and What We'll Do Next

1. Review the steps in the research we've done so far
  • Did a close observation of molasses
  • Thought about what you already knew and questions you wanted answered
  • Got a specific job to focus on when reading an article
  • Read an article from a subscription database that answered basic questions
  • Shared the information you'd learned with your group
  • Cited the source
  • Annotated the source

2. Where We'll Go Next

  • We've answered some questions, but not all!
  • Research continues
  • Get a specific job to focus on
  • Read a more detailed article

Part 3

Introduce Next Article to Read

1. Next article more information and more detailed

  • Now that you have some background in the topic you're ready to read more in-depth

2. First part of the article we'll be some review, some new information

3. The second part we will read should be all new information

4. We will read the article in sections

5. To find article

  • Go to Schoology.com
  • Make sure you are in your Library course
  • Click on Materials on the left
  • Open your Classwork folder
  • Molasses History PDF should be right at the top

Part 4

Assign Jobs

1. Count off by 6

2. Whatever job your number is next to, that is your job

3. If you are the Quiz Kid, your are also the Image Maker

4. If you are the Evaluator you are also the Interpreter.

5. Take notes in your Inquiry Journal

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Open your Library Folder
  • Open your Inquiry Journal document to take notes in

Part 5

Gather With Your Group

1. Arrange yourselves so you sitting with your group of six.

2. You should be able to see and hear each other!

Part 6

Read Article Out Loud With Your Group

1. Go around and have each person read a section out loud

2. At the end of each section you will do your job

4. Ms. Lechan will let you know where each section ends