Norfolk Jr. High


Mary Had a Little Lamb

Once upon a time Mary had a little lamb. The lamb followed her to school one day and made the children laugh and play.This all happened at a school.It happened during school hours.This only happened because the lamb loved her.The lamb made the children get in trouble, but only when he came to school. When Mary left the lamb followed her home.

mariah carey

Mariah Carey is 42-years-old. She has three dogs. She has two wonderful girls. She is married. Mariah is married to Nick Cannon. She has been married for two years and one month. At 18, she signed with Columbia Records. She has two older siblings. Carey means “pop diva.” Her parents divorced when Mariah was three-years-old. Her favorite activities are riding roller coasters and swimming. Her favorite spot to relax is the beach. Her full name is “Mariah Carey.” Her hair color is brown. Her first album came out in 1990.

favorite app

My favorite app would have to be the game of Life. I love to play that game. It is a good game for all ages. All kids would love the game. I love the game you should love it too. The game is about LIFE. You have kids and you get married. You get a job and you take care of your kids.


I will play with marissa.

I will get better grades.

trading card story

One day Redneck Monkey decides to go to the Waterpark Ocean, like he does everyday. He decided to go off the 30 ft. high diving board when he hits the water, and he just kept going down and he couldn't stop himself, he was drowning. He felt something pick him up. It was a mermaid, and she lived in the ocean. She brought him back to his tree to make sure he was O.K.. For a snack they had Redneck Monkeys favorite snack, Skittles and milk. When they where done eating, Mermaid decided to leave. They agreed to meet each other the next day at Waterpark Ocean. The next day they met each other and they had so much fun hanging out together. Channing Tatum came and hang out with them though, because Redneck Monkey and Channing Tatum are bestvfriends. Since then, Redneck Monkey, Mermaid, and Channing Tatum hang out everyday going down the slides, swinging from vines, jumping off the diving board,and jumping on the trampoline.

year round schooling

I am for year-round schooling because I would listen, talk less, and make more friends. We would also have more P.E. i would hate year round sachooling. my friends would too.