Help Us Protect Our Watershed

Douglas MacArthur Environmental Systems Class

Our Community. Our Environment. Our Planet

What we don't realize is that everything we do affects the environment. Things such as washing your car in the driveway to help save a few bucks for a car wash can have a damaging outcome. The soaps and other chemicals that are not disposed in a correct manner and are left on the asphalt are washed away with the rain and it runs down to the river. The waterways become very polluted with unnatural chemicals that cannot be filtered out. Organisms and plant life cannot survive in these harsh conditions. We need to get together as a community to better the water quality of the San Antonio rivers. As the water flows down into the Gulf of Mexico, it gathers more pollutants and if people come in contact with this water, it may make them sick. The fish that people catch in the gulf might have been exposed to these chemicals and when eaten, the chemicals are also consumed. The polluted water might seep through the ground and with only the earth and rocks as filtration, small traces of bad toxins can be left and added to the Edwards Aquifer. So we have to learn to make better choices and notice how we influence the world that we live in so that it will be clean and safe.

What you can do to help

  • Pick up your animals' waste
  • Don't hand wash your car too often
  • Check for leaks that come from vehicles
  • Try to find alternatives for fertilizer such as leaving the lawn clipping on the lawn which creates mulch
  • Dispose of chemicals in a correct manner
  • Don't litter