Kujath's Kids

Friday, November 14, 2014

This Week......

What a wonderful week! We had the Veteran's Day program on Tuesday, and an early out on Wednesday. We were still able to get all our work done. Kujath's Kids are HARD workers!

We read the story Animal Babies in the Grassland and talked about main idea. We introduced the sound for /p/ this week as well as added three more HFW's, like, my, we. Our Guided Reading time goes pretty smoothly. We are really practicing on managing our time to make sure we get the work done at each rotation, before the timer rings and we have to move on. Some of the things done during Guided Reading time was to practice with the letter /p/, practice rhyming, practice writing a journal entry, reading to self and the favorite one of all, iPads! (THANKS again for supporting the iPad Donors Choose this fall!)

In math we continue to work on ways to make 10. We also reviewed the shapes square, triangle and circle. On Thursday, students worked in groups to make these shapes from big loops of yarn. They decided that the circle was the hardest, because it was hard not to make corners.

Our Veteran's Day program was wonderful! The students did a GREAT job of being audience members! The parade was enjoyed by all. I hope you all got to see the picture I sent of the flag the students made, by wearing the colors of the flag. AWESOME!

Next Week....

I hope you have had a chance to view your child's report card from the parent portal. If you have had trouble viewing it, please call the office and Amy can assist you. Now that 2nd quarter has started, if you would like to come in for an hour or two and volunteer, I can always find something for you to help with, either working with students, or prepping something for me. Let me know if you would like to help out, either on a consistent basis or every once in a while.

SAVE THE DATE!!! The kindergarten spring program will be Friday, May 8 at 1:30. This will be all kindergarten classes, singing in the gym. (You won't want to miss it!)

Another reminder, we go outside for recess everyday, unless the temp/windchill is below zero. PLEASE make sure your child has appropriate dress for being outside. Also, please label your child's gear. (lots of black snowpants that look alike!)

Reminder there is no school on November 26-28, enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday - 11/17 - O

Tuesday - 11/18 - M - Media

Wednesday - 11/19 - E -KoMet Pride

Thursday - 11/20 - T - Chess Club

Friday - 11/21 - K

Sharing: Since we have introduced the sound of "Ss" please have your child bring a "Surprise in a sock." They need to have three clues prepared to go with it. Here is an example: It is made of metal; it has energy; it is a cylinder. What is it? A battery! You may need to practice the clues for your object at home.

On Tuesday, November 25 Mrs. Anderson's kindergarten class and Kujath's Kids will be getting together for a Thanksgiving Feast. We need your help. Please send in either a bag of popped popcorn, pretzels, M&M's, Reeces Pieces, Oreos, raisins, craisins. THANKS!

Student of the Week.... Corbin

From Ms. Schneider...

Kindergarten has some AMAZING engineers. The 'Big Bad Wolf' had a very hard time blowing down our straw, stick, and brick houses! Next week we will be starting a new Project Lead the Way lesson. We will start to design and build our very own paintbrushes!!!

Next week in S.M.A.R.T. we will be learning how to do learning ladders while jumping on the trampolines. Learning ladders are used to develop automatic recall of academic skills, they help strengthen vertical eye movements, and enhance eye-hand coordination.

A note from the office:

Christmas Shopping???

Toy and Gift Drive: The staff and students of K-M Elementary School are collecting toys and gifts for the local Care and Share Charity Fund which provides help for local families in times of need. Students are invited to bring a NEW unwrapped toy or gift to school the week of Dec. 1-5. We are looking for toys, games, CD’s, books and gift certificates for children of all ages-particularly infants and teens and those in between. Please no stuffed animals. Items collected are showcased in the art display case. Thank you for your generosity!

We are doing something new and exciting this year at Kasson-Mantorville Elementary. Our school has joined together with The Chip Shoppe to generate extra funds to enrich the educational experience for all of our students. Choose from a wonderful selection of products including food made in the midwest. Products will be delivered just in time for holiday gifts! Each online donation counts as an item sold, in regard to prizes, or you can make a direct donation to the school.

Nov. 20 Kickoff - an email will be sent out to all parents

Dec. 3 Orders Due

Dec. 18 3:00 - 6:30 Pickup in the elementary gym