Hunting/ Poaching

By Dylan West & Chandler Young

What is poaching? (Dylan)

Poaching is simply illegal hunting, killing, or the capture of a wild animal. The reason for illegal activity usually has something to do with land use rights. Although, often other times the illegal activity revolves around endangered species.

Is this an issue in Hawaii? If not, then where? (Chandler)

This issue does not happened in Hawaii. Poaching isint big in the island. South Africa is know for poaching and rhino hunting. South Africa is viewed as the primary custodian of Africa’s rhinos. With 18,796 white rhinos and 1,916 black rhinos as of last estimates at the end of 2010, this represents approximately 93% and 40% of the total white and black rhino populations respectively. In recent years poaching levels have soared, and the current crisis is creating debates worldwide about the best way to tackle illegal poaching.

What are the effects of hunting on the ecosystem (both positive and negative)? (Chandler)

Hunting effects many things, including our own environment. Although most of the affects are negative, there are some positive effects to the environment.

Positive: Population control, and Hunting licenses

Negative: Hunting could decline in the particular animals species, this will affect everything around it, hibernation and migration, as well as poaching.

What are some of the laws involving the protection of endangered species? (Dylan)

What are some of the reasons that people hunt for sport and/or poach? (Dylan)

- Don't have the right licenses, permits, or tags to hunt certain game.

- Collection of rare and well valued animal skins or bone.

- The most common reason for poaching is financial gain, one single rhino horn will sell for $300,000!