4C News

Friday, June 15th, 2018


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids had a great time with the bridge project. Each student is bringing home their project reflection sheet, a picture of their bridge, and a copy of their stat sheet. Each partnership figured out their bridge's efficiency. The higher number, the more efficient the bridge was based on its cost compared to how much weight it held. Mrs. Coleates joined us for Math Olympiad awards. All students earned a participation award. Then, students who performed in the top 50% received a badge. We had one student rank in the top 2%! The Module 7 test was given and corrected. You'll find your child's test in his/her Friday Folder. We've spent the last two days playing games and working with tangrams!

Onanda Park

  • Bring a Bag Lunch - make sure it's labeled and packed with nonperishable food
  • Drinks - these kids are always thirsty!
  • Sunscreen - apply before school and bring extra
  • Water Shoes or Old Sneaker - it's a very rocky beach
  • Swim Suits & Towels - come prepared!
  • Plastic bag - to hold your wet shoes, towel, and swim suit
  • Hats/Sunglasses

Make sure everything is labeled!

Remember, that I have to have a note in my possession before we load buses for you to take your child from the park. We will load buses here around 9:00 to head to Onanda. 1:30 will be our load time to return to school.

Friday Folders

They are quite full! There is no newsletter sheet in it.

You'll find:

  • a Granger trip refund in an envelope
  • your child's first and last writing benchmark of the year - you won't find a grade, but do look at the improvement with organization, intros/conclusions, and including relevant details
  • Erie Canal phamplets
  • lots of graded work
  • a summer reading list & letter from Mrs. Schopinsky

Please return on Monday!