Counselor's Corner

Peeples Elementary

Counseling Lessons


  • Kindergarten: The students learned the difference between tattling and telling. We read the book A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue. After reading the book, the students colored their own tattle tongue and completed the sentence: I will not tattle because...
  • First Grade: We discussed what it means to be kind and respectful. Then we read the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. We followed up with writing about how we could show kindness to others.
  • Second Grade: We discussed what it meant to be a good friend. After reading Enemy Pie the students created a recipe for Friendship Pie!
  • Third Grade: Career Clusters- (Hospitality and Tourism; Human Services; Energy)
  • Fourth Grade: Career Clusters- (STEM; Manufacturing; Business Management and Administration; Architecture and Construction)
  • Fifth Grade: Our fifth grade students will begin to work on their Career Portfolios; this is an amazing project and a fifth grade requirement.


  • Kindergarten: We read the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse and the students discussed how important it is to treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • First Grade: I introduced careers to the first grade students. I explained how they will be learning about Career Clusters and the different careers/jobs within those clusters. We watched a short video about Callaway Gardens. Then the students worked on Virtual Job Shadow Jr. This is a computer program that teaches about different careers within each career cluster. (Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Law Public Safety and Security, and Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources)
  • Second Grade: Students were introduced to three more career clusters (Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications; Health Science; Education and Training) through discussion and then they worked on Virtual Job Shadow Jr.
  • Third Grade: Kindness
  • Fourth Grade: Kindness
  • Fifth Grade: Career Portfolio

Up and Coming Lessons

  • Kindergarten: Friendship
  • First Grade: Self-Esteem
  • Second Grade: Listening
  • Third Grade: 4th Grades - Milestone Prep: teaching the students coping skills, study skills, and test taking skills.
  • Fourth Grade: Milestone Prep: teaching the students coping skills, study skills, and test taking skills.
  • Fifth Grade: Milestone Testing Prep and Career Portfolio time

Family Acts of Kindness

Ideas to Spread Kindness

  • Donate online to a cause you care about.
  • Leave a book in a Little Free Library.
  • Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor.
  • Share your story, and inspire others to do good.
  • Ask "who have you helped today?" and "who has helped you today?"
  • Give a thank you card to a helper in your life.
  • Keep a DIY kindness journal.
The Joy Of Giving đŸ’œAnimated Short Film

Peeples Elementary Food Drive

The Real Life Center helps people in our community in a variety of ways including providing a food pantry. We were able to help out by collecting almost 800lbs of food to restock their pantry!
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