Paintball pains and marks

Paintball has been going on for years but todays paintball tastes bad and hurts like heck. You can trust me because the last time I went I was shot everywhere I mean every where.

The marks stay about a week not long, but hey for that time you can show off you marks.

A lot off people say that you will have these huge marks on you arm or where ever but no,

you don't unless you are as bad me and turn a corner to look down a gun's barrel.

Now, that will hurt like heck, the paintball will hit and make a welt for weeks well some months.

Paintball like a pro

So, have you seen the pros in paintball well if you haven't then you need to search it up on youtube because they have some good stuff. So, to paintball like a pro you need to be trained to be one so first you need to work out and practice a lot I mean you need to be out side and if you are not you need to be. So, what you need is a wall just a wall that will be your bunker or the place you hide so you don't get shot, then you need to get a target to shot and just run to your wall as fast as you can then as you come close slide into the wall. Now, if you have done that you are ready for the big guns you need to have a paintball gun and shoot the target as you run to the bunker. So, now you have learned 101 of paintball.

Got it in the tank

So, as you have seen in the video's or just on the field you have seen that all guns have a tank well that is for your air so you can shoot as fast as you want with out breaking your gun or parts in side of your gun.


I got all my pictures from Google images, all my information is original I did not steal any of information from someone because I am awsome