Video Gaming

By: Daniel Zinnel

When Video Gaming Started

Research and Development of the U.S. Department of energy stated William Higinbotham designed what could have been the first video game in 1958. He made it at Brookhaven, a lab that had visitors touring it every day. Higinbotham’s game was a great display of what they could accomplish It was wildly successful, and he could tell it was special from the crowds reactions(2). Higinbotham stated “people were not much interested in static exhibits. so for that year I came up with an idea for a hands on display-- a video tennis game”(3). He realized he needed to make something fresh so he created a tennis video game.

The Major Gaming Consoles

According to Stephen Yang of American kids between the age of 8 and 18, 83% own one or more video games such as Playstation, Xbox, and/or nintendo consoles(4). John Ceangal states “several factors including the emergence of cultural icons e.g. Mario, Sonic and Lara Croft, increases in game complexity and visual appearance, and massive sustained sales of games consoles such as the Sony Playstation and Nintendo Game Boy series, have led to video gaming becoming a significant part of contemporary culture since the mid-1990’s”(2). What Ceangal is trying to say is that video games have become a part of modern day culture because of the characters in video games. The Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii are the big consoles on the market today. If you are a casual gamer you are more likely to want a Wii, but if you are a hardcore gamer you're going to want a PS3 or Xbox 360. Sony and Microsoft are now releasing more things for casual gamers.

The Uses for Video Gaming

Gaming consoles have many uses from getting in shape to education. Yang states “Exergames may offer a way for parents and educators to capitalize on the explosive popularity of video games”(3). What Mr.Yang is saying is that because video games are so popular, exercise games are a great way to promote exercise to kids. John sherry claims gaming is a very popular form of entertainment, for over 239 million computer games and video games were sold in 2003(Sherry et. al1).

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