Mental Illness

Informal Flyer about Mental illness By:Dee Shepard

Negative Impact on the Student and theyre education

Many people with serious illness are challenged doubly.They struggle with symptoms and disabilities that result from the disease.Also they are challenged by stereotypes and prejudice that result of a loss focus to school work or anyway to stay on topic. They also become intimadated by the way other students react  around them.

A Teachers Negative Impact

A teacher that has to deal with a mentally ill student first must create a bond.The bond that the teachers make with the student some people would have their opinion against it.Also Teachers may have to slow their classroom enviorment down so that the student can catch on, that doesnt just affect the teacher it also affect the class.


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In the Community and Society

People with Mentall Illness are surrounded by Prejudice, Ignorance and Fear.Not just in the classroom but everyday life a mentall ill teen is being pushed around either physically or verbally making it hard to live a normal everday life. They start becoming excluded from other people not wanting to be seen and stay isolated from society.BEing discriminated can be a bigger burden than any illness.61.5 millon americans experience mental illness and 97.9 percent of them face discrimination.