Beach House


The best house ever

This luxurious house right by the water. This house is not far for fishing. there no mowing at this house. this house is handicap accessible. it is like a buff a every day because there are fish right at your back door. Next the color could be very nice. The best part is there are 4 windows. there are 1 1/2 acres.Do not go far for food - just go to your back door.

  • not far for fishing

  • no mowing

  • handicap accessible

  • food supply at your back door

  • nice color

  • four windows

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if you would like this house call us at 814-get-your-house

Interested buyers only

This is the best fishing cabin in Alaska private property to fish on no loud noises to be worried about like if you were in a big city also this place is great for fishing if you can stand the cold. No mowing handicap accessible Food at your back door.