NP³ Elementary 2021-2022

Matey Message Week 4 August 23-27, 2021

Matey Message Week 4 August 23-27, 2021

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Dear Matey Families,

We are fastly approaching the end of our first month together! We all have done an excellent job readjusting and life is truly better with our kids around!

Please read through the updates below about COVID-19 and Spare the Air.


Mrs. Dart

COVID-19 Update from NP3 Schools:

Over the past three weeks, you have received communication from NP3 regarding COVID-19 positive cases. With case rates on the rise in Sacramento County and throughout the nation, we anticipated that we would have cases on our campus. Through our contact tracing and testing procedures, we are tracking cases to determine if there is on-campus transmission. Thus far, no COVID-19 positive cases have been linked to the on-campus transmission. We have responded quickly by communicating with all close contacts and following Sacramento County Public Health guidance for quarantine, modified quarantine, and isolation.

Mitigation measures on campus exceed minimum standards established by the California Department of Public Health and include masking requirements both indoors and outdoors, high capacity MERV-13 filters and portable air purifiers in every classroom, daily cleaning, deep cleaning of spaces when there is a positive case, rapid testing on-site for all close contacts, and the use of seating charts to minimize the number of close contacts for each student. In addition, we have promoted vaccination among our school community, providing a vaccine clinic on site earlier this month.

NP3 is unequivocal in our commitment to following public health guidance. Our priority is to keep schools open while providing a safe environment for students and staff. Our administration maintains regular communication with Sacramento County Public Health and many of our decisions are made in consultation with them.

As a parent or guardian, you can help by directing your questions about NP3 COVID-19 protocols to school administrators and by following health and safety guidelines at home. It is also important to understand that when we have widespread community transmission, some of our families will be impacted by COVID-19. Student, staff, and family information is confidential. We will continue to inform you about COVID-19 cases on campus, but cannot and will not share details about a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. We ask that you show the same discretion and respect the privacy of students, staff, and families who may test positive for COVID-19. Further, please abide by the same standards we expect of our students and refrain from posting information or misinformation on social media about COVID-19 cases at NP3.

We appreciate your attention to this matter. COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for all of us. We will be much more successful at meeting those challenges if we pull together in the same direction.

COVID Positive Case Steps:

Sacramento Fire Season and Spare the Air:

Daily, we monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) for pollutants (that will affect your students). If the AQI falls into an unhealthy zone, we closely monitor to make sure students can participate in PE and recess. Sensitive groups are more than welcome to stay in from recess and/or PE if air quality affects them (at all). If air is deemed unhealthy for all, we will move PE and recess indoors.

Below is the link to Spare the Air and an attachment about AQI for Parents.

Leader in Me: Paradigms

As a Leader in Me School, we have 5 Core Paradigms that drive our decisions, behaviors, and results. A paradigm is simply the way we “see” things.

These 5 Core Paradigms include:

  • Everyone can be a leader.
  • Everyone has a genius.
  • Change starts with me.
  • Empower students to lead their own learning.
  • Educators and families partner to develop the whole person.

These paradigms or “the way we see things” at our school drive our everyday interaction with not only your student but ourselves too. A partnership with families supports our ability for students to lead their own educational journey—empowering them to be responsible, reflective, and active in their learning experiences.

Construction Updates:

The kindergarten and first-grade play area (at the front of the school) is complete.

August Breakfast Menu:

August Lunch Menu:


Due to the changing weather, we have collected quite a bit in our LOST and FOUND. Miss Aericka and our high school office interns have created a LOST and FOUND on wheels. It is located in our elementary office. We will wheel it out for kids to look through. We have also asked teachers to walk students by the LOST and FOUND weekly (to look for items).

Matey Afterschool Program (MAP) Is Looking for Help!

FYI: Mr. Gene is actively recruiting new members to join his MAP Team. If interested, please contact Mr. Gene at

Important Dates to Remember:

August 25 Early Release Wednesdays 1:00 pm dismissal

September 6 Labor Day No School

September 20-24 Conference Week Early Release 1:00 pm dismissal