new years survey

by aubrey smalley

who do people spend new years with

on the school survery about 99% of people said they spent new years with family and/or freinds. and the surveys online say that 49% of people plan to spend new years with someone they love witch is only a fraction of the other freinds and family they will most likely spend time with

who stayed up till midnight

about 72% of people who took the online survey said they stayed up till midnight but the survey in the 8th grade were 97% stayed up. take into account the eergy kids have and that most likely the online survey takers are grownups.

who celebrates new years on a different day

on the internet survey only o.85% of people said they celebrated on different days but the 8th grade have suprisingly 16% witch is very strange as seeing there is thousands of people who took the online survey and only about 180 are in the 8th grade


new years foot ball had a 15.4 mill view rate and the 8th grade survey shows that about 66% of the 8th grade watched it.

special food

only about 60% of the online survey said that the had special food on new years and on in the 8th grade 89% of people ate special new years food
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