Welcome to Freshman Year!

This is everything you will need to know about 9th grade!

Welcome to English 9

Hi i'm Analise Cook. In English 9, you will do many things. Such as, book talks,projects,partner work and reading! In English 9 you have to make sure you do everything asked of you or required of the course. You can do it trust me! You will have so much fun with Mrs.Allen.

Overview of the course

This year you will read many things. You will read Divergent,Romeo and Juliet,Monster, and do group literature circles. During Divergent you will have many tasks. You will have packets,read almost every night, and you will get to watch the movie. In Romeo and Juliet you will read 4 acts of the story in class.You will also get to watch a few different types of movies of Romeo and Juliet. During Monster, every night she will give you a journal to write in. In your journal, you will have to write about the book. In the group literature circles, you will pick a book and whoever has the same book as you, you will be in a group with them. You have to read every night depending on how many pages you have to read everyday. You will do many activities with your group and get lots of grades.

Independent reading/Book talks

In order to succeed in independent reading and book talks, you have to pick a book, read your book and discuss it well. A book talk is when you pick a good book you would like to read and you read it for the whole month. You will be scheduled a time and you have to meet with Mrs.Allen and discuss the book with her. Don't pick a book you are not going to be interested in because then you will fail the book talk and will not meet your expectation every month.

What i liked best in English 9

I really enjoyed independent reading this year because you got to pick a book you wanted every month and discuss it with Mrs.Allen.

What I did not like best English 9

I struggled personally, with the short stories you will read. Only because I did not fully understand a few of them.

Some advice

1.make sure you stay organized. If you do not stay organized then your binder will be out of order and you will get 0's on the binder. 2.make sure you turn in all of your homework! 3. Pay attention to Mrs.Allen because you will always have something in class to work on and homework. 4. Participate in group activities. 5. know what is going on with projects etc. or you will fall behind.

Top 5 ways to stay prganized


2.Put the correct numbers on the top of all your papers so you know where to put them in your binder!

3.Get dividers!

4.Put your papers in the right divider so you can go back and get them when you need them!

5.Listen to what Mrs.Allen says!

Inspirational quote:)

"If you can dream it, you can do it." ~Walt Disney