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How do I protect myself from being hacked from computers?

Dear concerned person,

I personally think that you should stay off the computers or make sure to install anti-virus software on your computer. Also change passwords a lot so no one can get to your information. Always scan for viruses and keep you desktop clean.

Sincerely, Camryn Chairs

Persuasive Movie Review

The city of Las Vegas is gone because of a terrorist attack. In New York, helicopters fly over to patrol the city, and online gaming is the most dangerous drug around. The future has developed even further because of Neuro-Headsets have now replaced keyboards, so now all you have to do is flip the switch to on and at the speed of light the internet and thoughts are in your mind.

The teen hacker, Sam Wilson, does not need but wants the new neuro-headset. What happens if anything can be hacked on his computer and mind is connected to system? Before Sam know what is happening he goes against the world's largest telecommunications company who leads him to the center of the cyber defense network, and there he sees terrifying and unforeseen threats.

Conflict in the Book

The world is being run by computers because they got neuro- headsets. The computers take control through the headsets and makes people believe want they want them to believe. Luckily Sam tries to help the cyber defense network take back control. Is Sam and the cyber defense network successfully? Read the book to find out.

Newspaper Project by: Camryn Chairs