find the worlds largest snake

i want to find the worlds largest snake. when i get there i would try to stay there for a little bit and camp out and i would see like so many trees,spiders, and little (non scary) snakes there. i would take a science teacher and a couple of my friends that way i wont be bored,lonely,and scared. im pretty sure it would be physical weathering doe. idek
Giant Snake Discovered!

rope swing

i would want to go rope swinging with some friends and fam. i would try to push people off the cliff and watch them fall and get a couple of laughs in before i go but i would go last cause i have to see how other people went down and stuff like that. but this is chemical weathering i think. i would see people falling down and lots of hills.
World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump

get shot with a paitball gun

i want to get shot by a paintball gun because i always have airsoft wars and get shot by air soft guns and never got shot by a paintball gun before. but i would give like sum of my friends each a gun and take off my shirt and have them shoot me with the gun. this would be chemical and physical. but i would see balls of paint coming at me and i would scream and try to run.
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ride worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster

i would ride worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster because i like to ride regular ones but not scary ones so before i die i would like to ride a scary one. i would bring all of my friends and we would just hang out and re ride that same roller coaster over and over again.i would see people hanging out and screaming on roller coasters and eating and stuff like that and im pretty sure that this is both types of weathering or nun of them but i would be the scaryest one there

chillax in paris

i wanna chill at paris because i never went and it seem cool.idk what weathering dis is. but i would bring my friends and sum other people. i would go everywhere and look at everything down there. i would see people just chilled laying back and relaxed and enjoying life but uhh yeah.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!