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Sukie H.

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Why I chose that quote

I chose that quote because I thought it was funny and sometime it can be true. More reading, Less talking.

10 things About Me

I do gymnastic and I really enjoy it. I would like to do gymnastics all the way to college. I have 3 brothers (Names: Piotr, Sebastion, and Patryk. I have 1 sister (Name: Paulina). I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. (Names: Mcduff, and Hosmer. Francis, Co-co, and Kobe)

1. I like to read mysteries.

2. I like to read stories about ghosts and things that scare me.

3. I only like to read when the house is quiet.

4. I really like to read when we travel in the car or in an airplane. Hotels are a great place to read too.

5. I don't like to read history books. They are boring to me.

6. I don't like to read science fiction books.

7. The longest book I've ever read was 300 pages. It was awesome!

8. I'm not a fast reader. I like to take my time so I understand the words.

9. My favorite place to read in my house is on the couch in my Mom and Dad's bedroom. It is comfy and cozy in there.

10. I'm starting to really like reading. I actually don't mind doing it now and have found some books that I really enjoy.

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Latest Blog - Ghost Stories That Make Me Scream!

I went to Estes Park, Colorado last week for gymnastics. While we were there we visited a historic hotel called the Stanley Hotel. They have all kinds of tours there that include ghost tours. They believe that ghosts are all over the hotel and many visitors have said they have seen ghosts there. I bought a book while we were there called "Ghost Stories of Estes Park". They are seriously scary! I started reading them at night which was a BAD idea. I decided it would be better to read it during the daytime. If you ever go to Estes Park you need to visit the Stanley Hotel and take a ghost tour if you have time. Get ready to scream!
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My favorite authors, books & magazines

Some of my favorite authors are from when I was younger reader and some are authors I have read lately. I said that Dr. Seuss is one of my favorites because everyone loves his stories and can remember them even when they get older.

1. Dr. Seuss

2. Talia Jager

3. Steven King

Every month I get my favorite magazine called USA GYMNASTICS. I enjoy reading the articles in this magazine since they are all about my favorite thing … gymnastics! I like reading articles about some of the gymnastics on the USA National Team. The articles help me know what I need to do to make myself even better at gymnastics. It usually takes me two days to read the whole magazine. They also include information about summer camps and training happening around the country. I like it when this magazine comes each month.

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If I Die Young by Talia Jager- Book Trailer
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At the Ranch - January 2015 - Norah Flatley

Song that expresses Me

My Mom loves to listen to classical music. I like listening to it when I read. It makes me feel calm and quiet so I can enjoy what I'm reading. I really like Mozart and I love the flute, piano and harp together. The music relaxes me so I can focus on my book.
Mozart - Concertos For Piano, Flute, Flute And Harp

What I'm Reading Now

After coming back from Estes Park and visiting the Stanley Hotel, I want to read the book "The Shining". I know it will be mysterious and scary since I saw the movie. This is a classic book written by author Steven King. He wrote this book when he was staying at the Stanley Hotel with his wife and son. They were the only guests in the whole hotel and it helped him create the story "The Shining".
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