School Uniforms

a way to make our school environment safer


About 30% of schools surveyed around the country say that shorts, skirts, and dresses should at least extend down to the fingertips dangle. Others dictate a specific number of inches of bare skin that can be exposed above the knee. School uniforms can help better the environment in which we learn in. There will be less bullying, and less distractions. With school uniforms adolescent kids will have more discipline, and their future will seem much brighter than they do with all the distractions about the latest trends in clothing. (Wilde)


Each year the fashions change and different types of clothing become popular. School uniforms will better the environment that students are supposed to be learning in. Teachers cant afford for their students to be distracted by little things such as what another student in the class was wearing. There is more and more competition in schools nowadays, and getting distracted by a mere pair of shoes cost not only the teacher a lot, but the student who needs to be paying attention in order to do good. Courts have supported their use, even the president has spoken out in support of uniforms. School uniform popularity is also increasing in schools around the country. (Zelger) Therefore, it is best to act now before students start to rebel too much.


As claimed by many parents and teachers, schools should enforce dress code. Some students even enforce the fact that schools should have uniforms instead of catching a girls wearing leggings a few times in a week. Fashion changes frequently and kids our age are always trying to chase the latest styles. Uniforms would benefit those who come from less fortunate families or with an extremely religious background. There would indeed be less bullying, kids would not get picked on for "lacking style". Clothing would also be more reserved, and children would be less distracted during class. Overall, half of the problems that schools face with dress code would be diminished. (Wilde). It often becomes hard for a kid to be keeping an eye out for the latest trends in attempts to "fit in" and its a twisted thinking process, really. It would make one think that if they wore something, they would fit in and be accepted. But, if they wore clothing pieces that were in their limits set by parents, they would be judged. Uniforms would help create more equality in schools, especially with some religious minorities.


Many students simply don't like wearing uniforms. They complain that uniforms take away their individuality, promote conformity, and are claimed to be unflattering and uncomfortable. Some students are so against even the thought of enforcing school uniforms, they go as far as protest against them. That's what it was like at Watlon Chapel school districts in Arkansas. Students wore black armbands to protest a uniform policy that began in 2006 for middle and highschool students. This case went to court; the ruled in favor of allowing the students to protest with the armbands, but didn't require the school to change its stance on uniforms. (Wilde) Students are also claiming that wearing a uniform gets too boring and repetitive. Kids are exposed to the idea of the schools enforcing uniforms and protest immediately, Kids claim that uniforms take away the variety out of school, blending everyone together, leaving no originality.


Maybe leggings are what is causing an uproar with making school uniforms mandatory. Teenage girls studying in school like leggings as a part of their school dress. But, the tight attire has provoked some school officials and even teachers. (Zelger) Leggings are far more revealing than some of the other dressing options. Some define leggings as the "newest incarnation". Skinny jeans, tights, and yoga pants are some of the sister versions. Now leggings have been replaced by jeggings; which are often decoyed as denim. There are too many kids getting caught wearing leggings, showing too much, that enforcing a school uniform is the only way out. More and more schools, public and private, are opting for uniforms. In fact, 15.5% of public schools required uniforms in the 2007-2008 school year. According to the Department of Education, reflecting an increase of about 6% from a decade earlier. Some students have never been caught breaking dress code, therefore we cannot speak for everyone, but a majority of schools that are leaning towards the school uniforms option have caught too many students breaking the code. If schools did require uniforms to be mandatory, we should at least have one day to wear whatever we want, in the dress code of course. It would make it seem more bearable, Schools only want whats best for their students, its what will decrease drama, and what will create more equality throughout the school. Everyone would be of the same status, there would be much less bullying. Uniforms shift the environmental of any landscape quickly. Whether or not school uniforms directly improve attendance, behavior, and grades is still a matter of debate. Everyone would get along so much quicker and better due to the fact that everyone would be wearing the same thing in the same palette of colors. There would be less judgemental stares at that one kid who cant help what he is wearing because he/she comes from a low income family. There would be more academics involved, and less "look at what he/she's wearing". There are many benefits that come from school uniforms. Less hassle, more learning!


There have been many arguments and [displeased] students on school uniforms. The environment we go to learn in is becoming more of a distraction to students rather than a learning facility. It would save a lot more time as well as be more efficient if all schools had uniforms, just so there would be more brains involved in the process and less trying to pick out what to wear to school tomorrow. Kids have to be very selective with what they wear because it reflects the personality, and you can easily be judged for what you're wearing. School uniforms would surely help prevent that, and overall create more learning and simplicity among students.

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